Online/IRC RP

Several people in this thread expressed interest in doing some online/IRC RP. Somebody just shared this list of online RP resources with me (via PM, so I don’t know if they want to be “outted” as a big enough dork to know about this stuff :) ), which all look pretty cool.

So… if anybody has the inclination and ability to organize some Qt3 online RP, check these resources out.

Although I don’t know about the use of Skype (Eh… Online voices kinda skeeve me out. I’m usually quiet when I play online until I get used to the people I’m playing with), I think that with either a chat client (MSN/AIM/IRC/Internet Chat Room) and the RPTools thing, it could be fun.

I don’t think there can be much doubt as to the depths of my dorkitude. I can’t vouch for any of those tools but Ryan had been asking about IRC style RP online and when I saw that thread I passed it along.

Not as dork-savvy, but definitely interested.

I’d be interest in trying it out. But I really don’t think it’d last too long. Conflicting schedules and differing time zones are going to make organizing any sort of online game a real bitch.

Organize it a week in advance or so and it shouldn’t be a problem.

You’d think so, but all too often, games over IRC are more difficult to schedule than the logistics involved in getting folks round a table. People just feel far more free to blow them off and make excuses later.

There were a couple attempts to get an IRC game going before here, and they never worked out. I think it was either Unicorn McGriddle or quatoria who once tried to organize up an Amber game to which a grand person of one person showed–on the first scheduled-well-in-advance session. (To be fair, problems are usually less extreme than that.)

I’m interested, and I doubt the exact time will be an issue for me.

I’d be interested, though as someone else mentioned, not a fan of online voice programs.

I would totally be up for this, if I had some free time, depends on when we schedule.

MapTool is pretty damned good and you can’t beat the price.

Just steer clear of the dev versions, they’re buggier than Outpost 1.0.

I might theoretically be interested (though not in voice chat), provided the game concept were sufficiently interesting. (You’d really have to sell me on d20 stuff, but White Wolf games, or, say, Nobilis would be much more tempting.)

I’m DMing an “Against the Giants” campaign with my students this Sunday, in honor of Gygax’s passing. I say go old-school AD&D!

An online Shadowrun would be awesome.

Per the other thread, Deadlands! I’d so be there :-)

Anything kind of non-d20 would be intriguing though.

Personally, I was rather impressed with this (free) rule set:

It seems pretty flexible and well designed, but I’m no pen and paper expert.

I thought the other thread was about Scion.

I’m interested, but scheduling is going to be a pain.

Wasn’t there one in the making? Or was that just a singleplayer with multiplayer?

Well, there was this

I would be in, regardless of the system used.