Oppenheimer - A Christopher Nolan movie about the nuclear bomb

I would love a great movie on this subject, but I just don’t resonate with any of Nolan’s movies (The Prestige possibly excepted). Still, I’ll probably watch this when it is streaming assuming the reviews are solid.

If you’re referring to the demon core scene, that incident didn’t actually happen until a year after Trinity. I doubt it’ll be referenced in this movie.

As for Feynman, I’m curious to see how he’ll be depicted. I imagine he’ll provide most of any levity.

— Alan

Ah, well then I expect this to be a purely academic drama with one big boom! I’m not expecting to see Feynman at all, unless he’s already credited among the characters. He was a minor player in the Manhattan Project.

EDIT: Although it looks like he is going to be in the movie! That’s more exciting already.

Levity?? Apparently you’ve forgotten who is directing this.

Most of Nolan’s films have some form of levity. It’s few and far between, but it IS there. Dunkirk is probably the only exception.

— Alan

Feynman is being played by young Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich, unfortunately. I hope he’s good.

I like Cillian Murphy quite a bit; he’s probably the biggest draw for me to see this movie over Nolan. Even though I liked Tenet.

Well, IMDB says Ehrenreich is playing Feynman (I don’t get the unfortunate part, he’s a terrific actor), but then again, I’ve seen references to Jack Quaid (who is in the trailer) is playing Feynman. Which also works

— Alan

Yeah, Wikipedia lists Quaid as Feynman, but the linked source is a Deadline article that explicitly states that there’s no word on who Quaid is playing.

Ah, interesting.

What should I see to gain a better perspective on Mr. Ehrenreich? I did like him in Hail, Caesar! but the part was small.

The Yellow Birds is a good example.

— Alan

I can’t look at those B&W closeups of Cillian Murphy without seeing Thomas fucking Shelby. I hope that’s not too distracting.

I hope this Oppenheimer quote is in the movie

[now] I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

If it is, you won’t be able to hear it.

My son and I tend to blurt out a “red right hand” in gravely voices whenever we see him now.

Earlier this week I watched a tennis match with a French player named Enzo Couacaud. He was sporting a Peaky Blinders haircut and had scrawled By order of the Peaky Blinders on his big racquet bag. I’m not sure I’ve seen that haircut anywhere else before that.

Matt Damon as General Groves? Hmmmm.

With the SAG strike now officially starting, none of the cast will be allowed to attend any of the junkets which were supposed to kick off today. Nolan is probably pissed.

Looking forward to this very much. Saw Dunkirk in 70mm IMAX in Prague and gonna make the trip there for this as well.

So much awesome in those few words.