Order of the Stick


Some non-player character development:



Grandparents are the best! The only reason I have children is so that I can be a grandparent!

Feel a bit sorry for my kids.


That last panel was outstanding.


Well, that was… something.

I have to agree with Haley. I want to grow up to be like Durkon’s mom. ;)


Durkon’s mom has got it going on.


Someone needs to invent an easier and less troublesome method of becoming a grandparent.


Well, there are uncle’s and aunts. Lazy bastards.


It’s just OOTS.

It’s an amazing comic overall, but one of the incredible things about it is how it has managed to remain so consistently good over such a long time.

As my mother says, grandchildren is a parent’s reward for suffering through one’s own children.


New one, Forgotten Secret


That’s a great secret password for the compartment. :D


It’s hammering time!


What is in Durkon’s right hand?


It looks like a matching gauntlet for the one on his other hand with the hammer.


Yeah, I think it’s meant to signify that there’s armor in the “secret drawer” too.


Elder Screed


So why exactly was Durkon so confident that the remaining vampires wouldn’t strike early?


In All Fairness


I suppose that’s one way to look at it.