Oscars 2020

The problem with the Oscars is they come at the tail-end of a very lengthy awards season. You’ve got SAG and PGA and BAFTA and all the various Critics Awards. Big Picture remains a big unpredictable (as The Ringer wrote about this week; the favorites have been upset for the last 3 or 4 years in a row), but all the acting categories are essentially coronations at this point. It also makes for dull television. The shocks of, say, Marisa Tomei winning are long gone.

Strong stuff!

I hope there will be a couple of upsets/long shots with Bong picking up best director (not likely) and Florence Pugh taking best supporting. :)

Yep. Though the favorites in both screenplay categories flipped to what we were predicting after the BAFTAs last week.

I think Bong is a live longshot for Best Director. If you have access to a sports book, it’s not a bad flier to take.

There were some reports of anonymous Academy voters who were upset that Parasite was nominated alongside the normal films, so I don’t see it happening, but apparently he wooed everyone at the various luncheons during award seasons. Would be beautiful to see.

The Oscars wouldn’t go for it, but if they want the suspense back, they should move to the front of the awards pack and not the finale. Force voters to choose before all the other awards shows basically cement the victors into stone.

Some of the audience looks like they’ve never heard rap before. And I’m not talking about the blue-hairs.

Eminem playing the Oscars is truly the End Times.

Dropping the F-bombs. “Mommy, why does the sound cut-out so often?”

I just love the idea that someone at the Oscars org thought this would be a great way to prove how hip the show is. With Eminem. 20 years past his prime. Doing a thing his prime self would hate.

Yay, Carol Dysinger! That was my old professor who won for best short documentary. I was so nervous for her making that speech.

I was wondering if you knew her when she mentioned NYU!

I can’t believe they showed the flamethrower scene on network TV.

Ford vs Ferrari? Craft awards are all over the place.

Randy Newman. Now this is more the speed of the Oscars.

Randy is looking and sounding ooooold.

Thought the same. He is 76, and he looks and sounds it.

Deakins couldn’t win an Oscar forever. Now he has two in a row.

I’d give it to him just for that insane nighttime flare scene.

Hell yes. 1917 is a tour de force for cinematography. It’s one of those movies that should be seen on the big screen with crazy sound.

It’s crazy to me that he’s won just two in his career. Holy shit.