Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team

Awesome. Congrats.

Congrats! My pitching staff apparently had no chance against your offense.

See you in diamond! Sort of wish I could just stay down in gold as last time I was in diamond I spent like 8 seasons barely holding off being demoted back to gold.

@tylertoo, thanks for the heads up about the playoffs, lol. I have not checked my OOTP 19 team for several weeks now – made the move to OOTP 20, and even that I haven’t had time to check often. But I’m glad to hear my guys are in there pitching! I’ll check on them in due course. :)

Anyone else have a team in gold .371? It looks like it hasn’t simmed at all today. I can log into my account, but where you normally click play is greyed out. I can log in for my diamond team just fine.

Yep, that must be what’s going on. I’ve been stuck at the “league starting soon” message all day.

This week we’re not only in the same league, we’re in the same division.

Speaking of which, my silver league team must have some sort of record for futility:

After getting demoted from gold many seasons ago, we keep making the playoffs… and then flopping in the playoffs so that we don’t get promoted. Literally, stuck in Silver. A team of chokers. Will this season be different? I doubt it.

Hey, I might be joining you soon! After making the CS last season I’m sitting 20 games below .500 already in Gold.

@KWhit you and I are facing off for the chance to go get smacked around in perfect next season. Good luck! :) I’d love to see the stats on wildcards defeating the #1 seeds. I’m sure it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it feels like, but sure must be a bummer to win 100+ games and then get blanked 3-0 in the division series.

@tylertoo has Levittown broke it’s curse and pushed on to gold?

No! In fact, they backslid and missed the Silver playoffs for the first time in ages. Time for an overhaul. I have about 60Kpp there sitting unused.

60k could buy some decent upgrades I imagine.

My Cedar Rapids team is currently split 1-1 in the sub-league gold series, and Texarkana has jumped to a 2-0 lead against @KWhit and now has a 3 game series at home. We get through that to the finals and we are off to perfect next season for a 162 games of pure torture.

Half of it is pp accumulated over many weeks of doing very little. The other 30K is from selling Noah Syndergaard, who I had pulled in a bronze pack. I played him for a while, and he strangely stunk up the joint, so I was able to sell him for nice BIN price.

The Reds swept my Rangers, but honestly I’m happy to just be in the playoffs.

@KWhit is has been quite a series. My money is on Smoltz to carry you to a game 7 win, and on to the finals and perfect.

Edit: Both Smoltz and Keefe didn’t have really good games. We pulled out the 5-4 win, and now head to the finals and perfect (yay :/) next season.

Edit 2: Up 3-1 right now in the finals, with 2 home games waiting if we lose this next game.

We luckily won the finals so we’ve added a Diamond League trophy to the collection. So that makes up a little for next season I guess as we get pounded in perfect. I can’t believe it scored the season lower than 3 of my gold/silver seasons though.

Congrats @vyshka!

Congrats. I was at work managing a go-live all day/night so just getting back and catching up. Good job. Sounds like it was quite the series.

I never found time to actually buy upgrades and do an overhaul, and now Levittown has started out in April with a 20-6 record. So I guess I’ll stand pat.

My previous “hold until you can afford a good upgrade” strategy wasn’t working out, because the prices were rising faster than I could generate points. I ended up blowing it all on packs when I hit 40k and pulled 3 golds, half a dozen silvers, and 3 Archie Bradley – oh, and my first perfect, some kid named Mike Trout. He’s been a massive upgrade over the Shawn Green experience in center.

Akron was hot out of the gate, playing nearly .700 ball yesterday. Which put them 1 game in back of the division leader that actually played .700 ball.

Hey @Spock we’re facing each other in the World Series of S381! Good luck!

Akron went down 2-0 in the Gold .351 World Series, then won the next three and dropped game 6. Game 7 is simming now. Regardless of the outcome, I’ll be moving to Diamond. Last visit there was for a whole one season, with Akron cellar-dwelling for the entire year. Hopefully this time is a little more forgiving!

e: Akron went up 3-0 after 3, but a Lindor error in the 7th led to 2 runs, while Kenley Jansen gave up the game winning home run in the 8th.