Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Well I have Boone at catcher now, but I also just had a 7 game losing streak (just short of enough to get pp), so we are no 51-50. My S281 team has improved to 54-45 though.


After bringing my laptop to work Monday and Tuesday to check the team constantly, I intentionally left it at home yesterday and today. Today I came home and found my team is having a fantastic July, with a 12 game winning streak. I have one of the best records in the league, and while I’m still in second place in my division, I’m only two games back and closing in and have a 62-38 record. And during the day today I had earned 4500 pp. Not bad for doing nothing.

That’s my team, the Librarians!

Not checking the updates all day pays off! (Although now that I’ve written this, my team will undoubtedly tank).


There is a team in my division in D374 that is currently on a 22 game win streak. I bet that is some pretty pp when it is done.


Yep, on my team, actually. He’s a defensive monster. Hasn’t hit for me yet, but I think the defense is worth it.


One of my teams is leading my division in bronze! This may not be anything to be proud of though.


In 414 PA, my 94 Aaron Judge is hitting .174/.297/.289. He’s been worse than my 58 Adam Jones.


It’s super silly that I can’t update my stadium for the next season. In particular it is super dumb to restrict this to only being updated during a few days of the week. What if someone could only really check my team weeknights? Hell, on top of it it makes no sense from a simulation perspective. Altering your stadium is something that an owner would actually have to plan ahead a bunch so being able to queue up changes for the offseason would make total logical sense. It’s dumb that instead you can only apparently update it Sunday or up to 7 games into the season.


Does anyone know the playoff structure? It looks like there are two wildcards – does that mean those two have a one-game playoff to advance?


Yes .


Now that I have two teams, I regret choosing “Yastrzemski” and “Carl_Yastrzemski” as my login IDs! The game remembers one but not two logins. Lots of weird consonants to type!


Be proud of any of your teams leading, though yow, that is quite a division!

I got Puig off of the AH for this season, started horribly for the first two and a half months but is now around .260 with 14 HR so hopefully Judge will improve.


Too bad Marc Rzepczynski never pitched for the Sox, lol


My diamond team is continuing its slump, going 2-7 so far in July and now sitting at 56-61 when they were 5 above .500 before this.


I wonder if there is an achievement for a player winning the triple crown. I doubt it is going to happen, but my Bill Skowron is currently 3rd in avg. (-.010), third in homers (-4), 2nd in rbi (-4). The 2 guys in front of him for average are both on my team and I’ll totally make them drop out of the race if it means I get a bunch of pp for a triple crown.


The Triple Crown would be cool. I’m rooting for Skowron!

My Bronze team is 2 games out of first place, and hanging in there for a wildcard slot. SP Larry Dieker is going great guns.


My team is on pace for 93-94 wins, unfortunately they are still sitting 4 games out of the divison and 2 1/2 out of the wild card. Hopefully one of teams in front of me cools off a bit so I can pass them.

Also, solo homer by Skowron last game moves him just 3 back in homers and rbis :) If he gets much closer I’ll make it so Ichiro only bats against lefties so his average starts to fall.


After clawing back to five hundred at 47-47 we slumped to 48-54 and then recovered and have actually had a winning record a couple different times in the past month.

I’m looking enviously at @wilykat’s 49-58 division lead, because I’m currently 60-59 and that’s good enough for… exactly last place in my division.


My silver team is 69-52 and 11 games in 1st, while my diamond team is 59-62 and 22 games behind.


Currently 72-49 in my Bronze and a game out of best record in the league, 7.5 up in the division. Sitting top 3 in everything except Runs (6th), HRs (11th) and Steals (4th)… so I used a few thousand points I’d earned this week thanks in part to a pitcher of the month and a few all-star selections to pick up JD Martinez. I don’t need him to play the field so feels like a great fit.

Of course, I now expect to go on a 10 game losing streak, struggle to make the playoffs and get swept in the first round.



Yet I’m still in 2nd place in NC East, 3 back, which – unless I make up ground in the next six weeks – means a wildcard and a one-game playoff.


My silver league team is 22-8 since the all star game. My diamond team was about that last year in gold, and then played mediocre for the rest of the season. I’m hoping these guys keep it up. They are still leading their division by 11 games. The diamond team finally climbed back over .500 and is now 63-62.