Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


On a non perfect team note. I imported the solo league I’ve been running since like OOTP11? and was pleased to see that when shopping players around the AI will now do multi person trade offers. I’m not sure if this is an OOTP18 or 19 thing as I didn’t do much OOTP18 but it’s a welcome addition.


F I V E H U N D R E D B A B Y !

The Suffolk Ewes are 47-47. Mediocrity never felt so good.


Congrats, always feels good to get out of a slump.


Especially when the slump is half the season.


It will be interesting to see what happens when I reach a real Bronze league (bought the game on Wed so I’m ending up with a fair amount of time in an entry league)

So far the Seoul Expats are crushing things with a .700 winning percentage in 50+ games. Great offense, good pitching, and a defense that isn’t great but does boast Ozzie Smith at SS and a nice outfield (Acuna, Vintorino, and Suzuki. I have the feeling that I’m just being set up by playing uncompetitive teams but it’s nice to play around a little before a real league.


Had a recent 10 game losing streak. My Dock Ellis is 0-10 with a 7.05 ERA and the leader in my division has the same player with a 2.07 ERA. RNG does seem to matter.

Still enjoying it, but not as much with the teams at the top of this bronze league mostly being made up of diamond and gold players. I’m still starting a few people with a sub-50 rating and my only gold player came with my starting packs. Also feels strange to have the same players on multiple teams, but not sure ho you would get around that in this style of league.


I have a firm hold on the batting average leaderboard right now.



Another hour to find out if I get Bob Boone as a catcher. Tony Pena looks like a nice one to pick up as well, if I don’t nab Boone.


thats funny, I was just looking at that Boone too


There are 2 of them that can be insta bought for less than what my bid is at now. They really need to improve the AH interface. You should be able to directly compare a player to someone on your team.


Yeah, I decided against it because I didn’t think he was a big enough upgrade over my Thurmon Munson to be worth dropping 4k.

Agreed on the comparison thing. Also wish you could see their rating splits.


My plan is to move Molina to backup, and put Boone (or Pena) in as the starter. I wonder if there is a Benito Santiago card.


I currently have Munson in my righty lineup and Molina in my lefty. That worked pretty good last year, this season not as well as they have a combined 1.5 war.


After that rollercoaster of a two weeks posted above, things started clicking. Also helped that I picked up David Robertson and Scott Oberg on the cheap to shore up the bullpen, and Andrelton Simmons for some much needed defense up the middle - currently sitting 6 games up and pretty happy with what I’ve got going for Bronze league. There’s some potential to add a big bat to the middle of the lineup but otherwise I might just let it ride.


Well I have Boone at catcher now, but I also just had a 7 game losing streak (just short of enough to get pp), so we are no 51-50. My S281 team has improved to 54-45 though.


After bringing my laptop to work Monday and Tuesday to check the team constantly, I intentionally left it at home yesterday and today. Today I came home and found my team is having a fantastic July, with a 12 game winning streak. I have one of the best records in the league, and while I’m still in second place in my division, I’m only two games back and closing in and have a 62-38 record. And during the day today I had earned 4500 pp. Not bad for doing nothing.

That’s my team, the Librarians!

Not checking the updates all day pays off! (Although now that I’ve written this, my team will undoubtedly tank).


There is a team in my division in D374 that is currently on a 22 game win streak. I bet that is some pretty pp when it is done.


Yep, on my team, actually. He’s a defensive monster. Hasn’t hit for me yet, but I think the defense is worth it.


One of my teams is leading my division in bronze! This may not be anything to be proud of though.


In 414 PA, my 94 Aaron Judge is hitting .174/.297/.289. He’s been worse than my 58 Adam Jones.


It’s super silly that I can’t update my stadium for the next season. In particular it is super dumb to restrict this to only being updated during a few days of the week. What if someone could only really check my team weeknights? Hell, on top of it it makes no sense from a simulation perspective. Altering your stadium is something that an owner would actually have to plan ahead a bunch so being able to queue up changes for the offseason would make total logical sense. It’s dumb that instead you can only apparently update it Sunday or up to 7 games into the season.