Out of the Park Baseball 19 - The quest for the Perfect Team


Sounds good. I’ll add you to my friends list. I’ll add other QT3ers who post their names as well.

So far the Renegades are 25-20 and are in 3rd place. Pitching has been ok, but our offense needs a boost. Mitchell Page is hitting below the Mendoza line. Might have to find a new left fielder soon if this keeps up.


Bringing up the rear in gold .326 - may be time for a stint back in silver. We’ll see how the rng goes over the next couple of days.


My team is struggling to score runs in G326 but my pitching has been so good that we are still winning games. Just tweaked my lineups a bit hoping that might result in some more runs because at some point my pitching will come back to reality.


I wonder if we should edit the first post to include a list of all the manager-names of Qt3 players, so that we can all try to be in the same league. That would help managers like @Hrnac who come to the party late.

Alternatively, we could just periodically re-post our manager names in our posts so that everyone friends each other. Again, I’m Yastrzemski and Carl_Yastrzemski. Sorry about all the consonants!


I’m also in G326 but dead last (or at least tied for last) in the entire league. I’m too busy this week to do much with the team, and I’m fine at this point if they get relegated to see how this aging bunch of bums do in Silver. @pizzaddict what is your team’s name again? I’ll root for them.


We are the Seattle Kraken (owner name Fleetwood) and currently 3rd in the AC East and apparently on a 4 game slide. I’m thinking my changes didn’t help and it might be time to put my lineup back :)


Both of my teams have started out pretty well. My gold team is a couple games ahead of @KWhit, and my diamond team is 2nd in their division and not too far behind 1st place. Pete Rose got my gold team 2000 pp for going 6-for-6 in a game, so I was able to open 3 packs for them tonight. They added Dallas Keuchel to the rotation in place of Juan Marichal who has been struggling. I had a couple packs to open for my diamond team as well, and picked up AJ Minter to add to the bullpen. Nolan Arrenado is off to a good start, so getting that pull last year seems to have helped.


My mostly pack based team, Expats, is bumping along in Gold. I did purchase Gaylord Perry to replace one starting pitcher weakness but I could use another starter, a catcher, and a few other tweaks. 8 packs over the past week has given me nothing expect the point to purchase Perry.


Not a whole lot going well for me in Diamond. Oof.



And in Gold, it’s really close between me and @vyshka’s Cedar Rapids Reds.



I guess I went on a losing streak :)


Well I knew I would have a hard time competing for the division as the team in front of me is full of diamonds and perfect players. However as I predicted, my pitching has started to come back to reality and we’ve had a rough month. Still hold the wild card lead but it’s down to 3 games now.

Really though, this team isn’t ready for diamond so it’s probably best I just hang out in gold for a couple seasons.


It appear my gold team imploded in June going 9-16, and my diamond team is doing the same this month.


There were 4 different Sean Doolittles in our Gold all star game. Mine wasn’t one of them even though he is having a pretty good season with a WHIP of 1.12, 14.2 k/9 and a FIP of 2.34.

If you don’t have Doolittle and you are looking for an inexpensive upgrade to your bullpen he is a good one to pick up.


The Renegades have surged to 1st place and a 61-37 record behind a white hot 25-4 run which included a 15 game winning streak.



Both my teams, in Gold and Bronze, are in last place, and I’m losing motivation to tweak them.


I just picked up JD Martinez to play DH, hopefully he can help keep the @Madmarcus Seoul Expats off my butt as they have made the wildcard race really close.


I’m in this boat. It’s tough to stick with it when you’ve got guys consistently underperforming compared to their counterparts on other teams, or even season to season. JD Martinez was worth nearly 7 WAR for me last season, and in half a season this year he’s at 0.5. Guys like Lindor, Berkman, and Machado are all under 100 wRC+ and my high Gold starters are getting shelled (Paxton and Corbin both have ERAs north of 6). It’s frustrating.


My Doolittle is my only all-star this season, as I’m still in the basement of the league. But boy is Doolittle lighting them up with a 1.98 ERA and something like 25 saves in a row without a blown one.

Spent some of the PP earned over the last three seasons and upgraded a few key positions, and went 12-10 for the month, 7-3 in last 10, so maybe this will turn the corner and get me out of relegation-land.


My gold team - the Ewes - are going to struggle to throw away a playoff place this year. We’re currently 60-47, which is actually the worst record for a division leader, but we’re eleven games clear because apparently no one in our division is good.

We’re second in stolen bases and fourth in defensive efficiency, but everything else is mid-table at best. Wilbur Wood is our WAR leader has a 14-9 record and is on track for a career-high innings pitched as he basically throws at least eight innings every time he’s up on the schedule.

I think 1991 Ozzie Smith has become my favourite player. He’s only a 74-rated Silver, but he’s transformed from a good SS to a fantastic 2B, has a combination of high Eye and high Avoid K, which means he gets on base a lot and then is a danger on the bags with almost 500 stolen bases for me in his career.

By rating he’s now the worst player in my starting lineup, but I’m not sure I’ll ever replace him. It kind of reminds me of playing Football Manager when you find a player in the lower leagues and then keep him in the team as you get promoted, largely out of loyalty.


I havent looked to see if my teams broke out of their slumps yet. @KWhit are you still leading our division?