Outcast may return, with original devs


uly 2, 2013 “Outcast” to get a new life
Yann Robert, Franck Sauer and Yves Grolet announced today that they have signed and closed an asset purchase agreement with Atari Europe SAS recently regarding Outcast intellectual property.
Yann, Franck and Yves, the three founders of Appeal S.A., the studio that developed Outcast, have started the revival of the franchise and will soon announce further developments.
About Outcast
Outcast is a critically acclaimed open-ended game that is described by his fans as being ahead of his time. Outcast was released in 1999 on PC by Atari.

Kickstarter when.


Wow. I remember waiting forever for Outcast 2, which looked amazing. It got cancelled after 2+ years in development.

Let’s hope they run a tighter ship this time around.

Holy shit, I reached my kickstarter quota but for this I would break it. Outcast was years ahead not only of its time, but of 99% of present games too.

Just. So. Good. OST.

They should have let somebody proof-read their press release. Coincidentally, I’m currently in the process of playing Outcast for the first time and after a very slow start, it’s still a fun game!

I am downloading it from GOG as I write this. Going to test the HD patch.

What HD patch are you talking about?


SWEET! They also fixed that stupid jumping problem that made me quit playing the game last time I tried it :)

I’ve never played the actual game, but I’ve listened to the soundtrack countless times. I should actually give it a go…

Does anyone have a good XPADDER profile for Outcast 1 using the 360 pad?

One of the great game scores, to be sure.

You and me both. Outcast was awesome.

Wow, didn’t realize this game had such high praise. I’m one of those types that doesn’t finish a lot of the games I play before jumping to the next shiny thing. This one I did.

What does XD mean and why does he keep saying it?

it’s just a smilie

XD is the non-american equivalent to lol. Depending of the country, one of the two is the standard.

Stable organic energy, detected.

I thought it was some European equivalent to HD. I feel silly. Carry on!