Outcast may return, with original devs

Hmm. I wonder if I don’t have it. I had the GOG version and I think I reinstalled.

Played through the intro and made it to first world… twon-has! Seem to max out one core and use a quarter of 3 more. Sound track is fine. Win 7.

I don’t believe the updates have come to the GOG version yet, but I’m assuming there will be a cumulative patch offered by itself so you won’t have to download the whole thing again. That’s usually how it goes.

I reinstalled from GOG. Although this doesn’t work completely for me - the scenery cuts out at steeper camera angles - it is nice to be able to move the camera without holding down a key and to flip into first person painlessly, unlike Ageing Dragons.

And the higher res does help a whole lot with the look.

The GOG version has already been updated. If you check your GOG account, you’ll see that Outcast is now called “Outcast 1.1”.

I gave it a quick run yesterday. The performance leaves a lot to be desired. I hope this overhaul is just the first step in improving and updating the experience.

The GOG version has been updated to 1.1, but the subsequent patches that have come out in the last couple days are not there yet.

Ah, sorry Penny Dreadful. I wasn’t aware of the Steam patches. I hope they show up shortly.

Runs great at 1080p on a 4770k. Mouse and Keyboard defaults are ludicrous – not set to WASD? Camera strangeness everywhere if you use a mouse.

Check that you didn’t hit the hotkey that changes the music volume, or the balance between music and sound effects, or whatever. I did it once just fumbling for hotkeys.

I remember buying it when it came out, I had to download a patch to get it to install. I didn’t get very far with it after that. I tried replaying the GOG release a few years ago but couldn’t stand UI problems and other glitches.
This is a nice surprise them. Hope third time is a charm.

They keys need serious remapping, but it can be done - remember to scroll down in the key config window :)

So on top of the HD update this is getting a full remake? Yay.

But why not a new game :(

Im looking forward for the remake, but i also wanted a new game.

I tried playing the old version again (not the hd) a few years back and it was unplayable for me.