Ow ow ow ow toss turn ow ow BLOOOOSH

Tale of woe about me.
About to go on week-long Seattle trip.
Trying to pack the whole house so painters and carpenters can work on it in our absence.
Got two phone interviews today, realtor meeting, and doctor appt.
Yesterday, went out to Mexican restaurant for lunch, had lots of spicy food and a margarita.
Then more mexican for dinner (wife happened to order it).
Went to bed at 10:30.
Realized gut was in severe pain.
Had the squirts.
Spent three hours tossing and turning.
Finally realized nothing was going down and it had to come up.
Felt lots better, but still slept crappily.
This morning, 100 degree fever and immobilized.
Stomach flu.

Fuck you, Murphy.

You’re doing it wrong.

First, you have one line too many. Second, there’s no real rhyme scheme. Ideally, you want to go with like A-B-A-B, C-D-C-D, E-F-E-F, G-G or something.

:golf clap:

Good one, Adam!

Your first mistake:

Your second mistake:

Mexican food is VILE. I don’t know why anybody eats it.

I’ve been stricken ill from Subway many more times than from Mexican food. He was obviously poisoned. Also, needs more ridiculous spelling mistakes. How’s the pnacruese?

Um, burritos, lol?

Ugh, bean burritos are the worst!

I like good old fashioned American food, like the Baconator.

Yeah, well…

I can’t really defend that one. I thought about deleting the post, sure, but then I figured I’d let my dumbassedness serve as a warning to others. Sucks. Normally, sonnet jokes are a total homerun.

Attend, QT3, my tale of woe.
On the eve of my trip to the rainy coast,
Possessions secured in case contractors show,
I’d run all my errands, or at least I did most.

Queso Grande for lunch, burrito, margarita.
My wife ordered dinner, of the same ethnic kind.
Heavy food made retiring at 10:30 sweeter,
Til the racking pains started, from gut to behind.

The runny affliction that pervaded my being
Left me writhing and moaning in a manner quite louche.
I knew emesis was the relief I’d be seeing:

In the morning I woke, my throat and ass raw.
Stomach flu. Fever. Fuck you, Murphy’s law.

Impressive. Most impressive.

that was awesome funkula

Oh, do go on.

The statement I made in this thread was more my preference of American food over Mexican.

But, I don’t like bacon.

I thought this thread was going to be about running from a pyro and jumping in the water.

So you don’t like bacon, and you don’t like Mexican food.


I thought this was going to be another pregnancy thread.

I think the fact that he doesn’t like bacon allows us to ignore his opinion of food altogether.

Yeah, but you chose as an alternate food, one containing a food you hate.

Well, it still has those big beef patties under the bacon.

Besides, the bacon on burgers isn’t even like home kitchen bacon. They’re usually shrived and small and cold.

Yeah, hating both Mexican food and bacon pretty much relegates him to something that can only be laughed at.