Pacific Rim (2013)

Started a thread early on this movie since the trailer they showed at ComicCon 2012 apparently made everyone cream their pants.

From what I understand it is essentially a Giant Robot vs. Big Monster movie by Guillermo del Toro, where epic scale is somewhat realistically represented (effects by ILM) and the giant robots are dual-piloted (one for each side).

— Alan

They were filming parts of it near where I live a few months ago. I think there is a scene where they run away from toronto’s city hall (the building they blew up in resident evil 2). I never saw any filming, but signs warning people about the filming described that scene. All the restaurants on the street had japanese signs put up on them.

Also, Charlie Day is in it!

The subtitle for this movie should be: “Not a movie about anal sex in Thailand.”

First viral teaser:

— Alan

How to build a Kaiju-fighting robot.

Okay, this brings up a constant complaint of mine: if there’s an enormous monster and you want to shoot it from a air vehicle you don’t have to fly around its head. Every movie does this, and it’s always so dumb. That said, looks like fun!

Well, I dunno, does modern hardware tracking allow you to lock onto an organic creature as opposed to another jet engine? If not, you’re probably not going to launch sidewinders from 2kms out.

US Jaegers:

Japanese Jaeger:

Russian Jaeger:

— Alan

Well, first if you’re going out to shoot a monster you don’t pack heat-seekers. The military understands these things better than us, I would imagine. Second, you have a 20mm cannon that will drill a hole through anything from 2k away.

And of course, third, getting closer doesn’t make it work better.

If you have line of site, or a spotter you can hit anything with laser guidance.

But everyone knows that to avoid AA you fly low, and what else can you classify giant monster tentacles as being when you’re a pilot?

The makers are showing their age. Static? SMPTE color bars?

No one born in the last 20 years knows what those are.

Arguably the target audience is older people, people who grew up on Godzilla and Gamera movies, Ultraman, Gigantor, Mazinger, etc.

Coyote Tango!

Not sure if you’re joking. Or haven’t been around young people for a while.

The Jaegers look awesome.

We were discussing this at the dinner table last night. I don’t think my 14 year old son has seen an analog TV signal in his entire life.

Weird. I’m 20, and I grew up with analog TVs, frequent static, and that “bloop” noise and vanishing point of light when you turned a television off. Maybe those 6 years make a lot of difference.

They didn’t start the analog signal shutdown until 2009, and according to Wikipedia, the mandatory shutdown and complete transition to digital isn’t until 2015.

True, but a teenager in the US (especially in a large city) could’ve easily grown up with cable and never needed the analog signal.