Path of Exile


Very nice. I’d keep the price high (I see you went with 15 exa), it’s late in the league so currency accumulation is close to peak or already on the downward curve as more and more people stop playing, so chances are you’ll find a buyer. This is the stage where people like to experiment and there are quite a few str stacking builds to choose from.


I’m not great at pricing, and it will depend hc/sc, but those gloves are pretty great.I wouldn’t pay more than 4 or 5 ex, but they’re nice.

Very high str roll though and I’m sure there are some builds that would take advantage of that that I don’t know much about. If someone playing a str stacking build goes shopping those could definitely bring in major currency.


Yeah, I ended up deciding that the lack of comparable gloves meant I should just stick 'em up there with a high price tag and see what happens. I’m not hurting for cash flow at the moment, so I can be patient.

Speaking of currency generation, exalts are down to 70c or so. Quite a fall from the heady bot driven days of 150c not that long ago.


Going mad indeed! And almost certainly going falling under the trying to do too many things at once trap (most notably not enough EHP!)


Yeah I’ve been feeling that and tweaking more, bumped up the life, mana and ES a bit, foregoing the critical chance nodes, which I don’t need as I have Elemental Overload (which even the basic crit chance and a bit of random extra from gear seems to set off reliably enough) and I’m using 2 curses (one offensive, one defensive) now. Current PoB build. My mistake was thinking that I needed more crit to set off Elemental Overload, but in fact once it’s set off it lasts a good chunk of time during which you don’t need any extra crit chance, so having the extra is a waste.

I might even have to narrow it down to either just curses or just the Shock effect for buffing damage, in which case I’d have to go with Curses for thematic reasons - and then I’d have to look at something other than the Inpulsa’s Broken Heart trick (which uses Shock) and say bye-bye to the booms, as well as probably totally re-jig the tree.

How are you calculating EHP, is there a calc? I found one online but it seems to be out of date.


I was playing last night and the game crashed with some video problem, hard enough that I had to reboot. Apparently it actually crashed so hard that it spontaneously uninstalled itself and I have to redownload it. Is this really a thing that can happen?

edit: oh, when I tried to install it it discovered all the existing files. I guess it only crashed hard enough for Steam to forget I had it. That’s still pretty good though.


It’s a steam problem, not PoE problem. I had a similar case with Warframe.


ah ok. Thanks!

Next question. I have some boots that require 15 str, 15 int. I have 14 str. Am I ever going to get another point without going out of my way on the passive tree to get it?


No, the only thing you get through level up is some base values like life, mana -


Many of the larger starter nodes in the tree (like Sanctity and Retribution) give +stats, so as you path through these efficient nodes your stats will increase. But not just from pure levels.


Seem to be doing T6 maps quite handily without dying, including some bosses first time, sight unseen. Feel like I’m getting in the saddle a bit more now, the gameplay has a certain pace or rhythm that you have to latch onto, then it’s just a question of keeping an eye out for those odd insta-DoTs (especially a sort of poison cloud thingy that some mobs leave behind when they’re killed, very nasty - I have a flask with anti poison on it, but I never seem to have it on me when I need it! Ridiculously fast bleeds (if that’s what they are, it sounds like that’s what they’re supposed to be) are also a bane. But everything else is pretty much plain sailing and just a matter of getting good timing. Damage is through the roof, everything non boss and non-lieutenant just insta-pops. DIE YOU EVIL MONSTERS!!!


Bleeds are faster when you’re moving barring special circumstances, so you definitely need to be on top of removing them. If you start walking while bleeding you bleed out very quickly.

I just keep an anti-bleed (suffix: of staunching) flask, preferably on something that’s 20 or fewer charges to use so I can have it on constantly. Stibnite flasks are great for that, quicksilver as well if your build has room for it.


Anyone playing flashback? I just started a summoner (will likely go zombie/skellies and spectres) but I haven’t played one in forever, so I’d appreciate some starting tips @ineffablebob :). Stuff like specific uniques to get early (before level 40), when to switch to spectres, what links to use in a 3/4L for skellies, zombies, etc.

Also, I’m going for a max block build - any specifics I should know?


There’s a pretty good Leveling section in this Spectres guide. Boils down largely to using SRS for damage, until the spectres come into their own in the 40s-50s. Skeletons and/or zombies make decent shields but can’t compete with the SRS on damage during leveling. The only specific unique that really matters in leveling is a Reverbation Rod for early Spell Echo on SRS. I like getting Nomic’s Storm boots, too, 40% move speed is good for anyone.

As for the block, since they nerfed Mistress of Sacrifice you’ll need some extra sources of block. I like the Advancing Fortress claw and using Reckless Defense jewels, which is also laid out in that guide.


Thanks, some useful info there. I’ve kinda winged it for the first 40 levels and my tree is very close to that guy’s so I’ll be able to make the switch easily. I was mostly curious about when to swap to spectres, because as much as I enjoy using zombies and skeletons, they have travel time and pathing issues in closed spaces when large groups are involved.


@ineffablebob what’s your choice of specters these days? I’ve been trying out Solar Guards and Tukohama Vanguards (two most popular choices from what I can tell) and at least on a 4L TVs seem better - no green gems (no dex requirements), and they only have to be built for totem, rather than beam/thrown combo that SGs have.


Solar Guards are the clear winner for fast clearing, but Vanguards are a ton better at boss fights. I’ve never been a speed clearing guy so I like the Vanguards for a spectre focus build. But I used Solar Guards on my skeleton focus summoner last league, since the skeletons had the bosses covered.


And what links do you use on both? I’ve seen a lot of variation for SGs at least, TVs seem more clear cut in comparison.


Not playing flashback, but I am back to playing my Sab a bit after taking a few weeks off. Been debating whether to play flashback or not. It does sound fun.


Minion damage, GMP, Spell Echo for the guards. I like Elemental Focus for a fifth, but I’ve seen people use quite a few different options.

The Vanguards are best with Minion Damage, Burning damage, Elemental Focus, and Swift Affliction.