Pathfinder: Kingmaker


I’ve seen reports of mods like Bag of Tricks causing strange issues with the game. Especially after new patches have been released. Not sure if Amiri disappearing is one of those issues, though.


That’s unfortunate. I would recommend no one use mods, the game is janky enough as it is. :(


I picked this up as a Christmas present to myself, and I’m really enjoying it. I waited for a couple of months so Owlcat could have time to sort out the major bugs I’d heard about in passing, and I must say I haven’t encountered any really bad bugs yet (just graphics glitches and the like) and it’s a lot of fun.

As far as RTWP goes, this game certainly plays very much like the Baldur’s Gate games, and I do get that “Baldur’s Gate Feeling ™” quite a lot - that feeling of epic fantasy immersion. And in every way, given the limitations of it being an indie game, the level of polish in QOL stuff in the little things is quite impressive. Inon Zur, especially, turns in his usual superlative performance with the epic CRPG music, which makes some of the storyline bits and dialogue seem very real and emotional, which I like.

The conundrum I’m going through at the moment is playing with the autopause functions. Despite this game doing the RTWP thing very well, I still enjoy turn-based D&D style combat a lot, although there’s only one videogame that ever did it right (ToEE of course) and I feel that perhaps Owlcat missed a trick not making this in some way a spiritual successor to ToEE, and not further iterating ToEE’s mode of representing D&D style gaming on the computer better.

“Pause at the end of round” seems to work quite well, on balance. Although it’s not really equivalent to turn-based, it does mean I don’t waste an opportunity (which I’m apt to do with free pausing), and it seems to make for a nice blend of turn-based and RTWP, and it means I can be less anxious about hovering over the spacebar.

Another trick I think developers have missed with these games is not going further into the AI instructions thing. I loved the detailed AI instructions in Dragon Age (although it was always doubtful whether they were doing anything :) ), because it felt like another aspect of building the character, and it meant that you could to some extent “wind them up and watch them go,” which definitely has its charms sometimes. This clashes completely with the idea of total control, but it’s another way to go with these types of games.

It’s actually surprising sometimes how “realistic” (I mean in terms of something like “movie realism”) the ruleset can make combat look with just the AI, if you have the game on a lower difficulty setting. I tend to just turn autopause off and let the AI do its thing with trash mobs, looking on in amusement at my party’s antics and occasional blunders, and then go into micro-management for really difficult encounters.


I had a similar experience some time back pre chapter 6… I’m really curious what you experience will be like post update beyond chapter 5!


Does anyone know the mysteries of the camping UI fully? (LOVE that there’s this level of detail in the “on the road” experience, I always thought that was something missing from these games. The party dialogue snippets are really excellent too; I wish you could set it to zoom in on the scene when you set rest from the map too, and not just from resting in a random combat encounter zone.)

I get the “Manage” process, assigning roles according to stats, etc., but what’s puzzling me is how to use that timeline doohickey at the top. It seems to invite use, but I don’t understand whether it’s really just decorative or has some interactivity - I mean, some bits of it seem interactive (like you can shuffle the timeline along by clicking the rectangles at the sides, but the “jump to” icons on far left and right don’t seem to do anything - maybe it’s just unfinished?)

Mainly I’d like to set time manually, and sleep only at nights, like normal human beings generally do. I can drag the gold pointer thing along to the right (grab on left and drag), but for some reason I can only drag it along a certain distance. It’s telling me I haven’t got enough rations to rest, but surely the point is to hunt for food?


The only reason to use it is if you want to rest until a specific time, which you almost never want to really.

Otherwise the thing will handle everything automatically for you.

You can do that, but you’ll waste a ton of time and food generally.


Thanks. Yeah it seems to be fine just letting it work automatically. Shame, as I’d’ve liked that little extra level of control, but just having this amount of detail for being on the road is great as it is.


I’m pretty sure you can, there just isn’t any good reason to 99% of the time. You’ll just lose time and time actually matters to some extent.


Apologies if this was already answered a hundred times, but I just got the game and would like to jump in immediately and I just need some basic pointers:

What’s a good starting class for PC if I don’t want to end up with party members of same class? I really liked Cypher in PoE fwiw.

Second, recommended stats for this class? If they’re explained sufficiently ingame then disregard this question.

And finally, recommended difficulty? I played Pillars on Normal and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, felt just right for most of the game.

If there are any other tips that a new player should know please tell me, thanks!


There are no Paladin or Druid companions. I picked a paladin because a) that’s what I always do b) lawful characters can build a pretty useful building in their villages.

There’s a pretty good fighter tank companion that you can recruit early, so I made a two handed dps paladin
Human with STR = 16, DEX = 12, CON = 14, INT = 10, WIS = 8, CHA = 18.

I’d recommend Normal difficulty. I turned Kingdom management down to easy as I’m not too interested in that part of the game.


PERFECT, thank you! I also like to default to paladins so I got excited as soon as I read your post :).


Paladin archers are surprisingly good in Pathfinder. Worth considering if you’re looking for something a little different.


I don’t recall if the Holy Gun archetype made it into PF:KM or not, but being able to divinely Smite a demonic motherfucker from 30 paces with your bolt action rifle is pretty fucking awesome.


I would say take a good long look at the Wiki regarding feats and classes before you commit to a level up. I wasn’t familiar with Pathfinder specifically (Though I knew 3.5 D&D very well) and there is a bit of difference in the design and Pathfinder is a system you can gimp yourself very easily and the endgame is not easy enough to put a gimp party through.


I recall concerns with the difficulty of maintaining Lawful Good status for Paladins. Did that ever get sorted out in patchs?


There are scrolls you can buy now that reset the alignment back to where you started (e.g. lawful good for paladins).




Yes, But if you use too many of them your cleric will nail 99 theses to the church wall.


Thanks, will do. I assume this goes for companions you can recruit as well? From what I read Paladins are pretty straight forward but the other classes look more complicated.

Is there a respec function in the game, like in Pillars?


There is no respec.