Patreon and Q23 switching away from vBulletin


You mean Revenge, maybe? 3 is Takedown.



Sorry, you’re right. I get their names confused like that ALL the time.


Yes, upon going back and reading, I’ll say 2 and 3 (which is Takedown) are best. They’re different games due to the mechanic change Thraeg notes, but both are awesome. It kinda slid downhill from there.


Awesome, thanks guys! I’ve got new ebay searches up! Yay!

We return you all to your whinging about icons and avatars now. ;) /sidetopic


Fuck you, @stusser. Change again? Always with the change, aren’t you? You just can’t help yourself. Change change change, every damn day!


I don’t like this change.


It does look pretty stupid, yeah.


FTFY and all the others who just lost their minds when the Q moved. ;)


Hey, it won the poll. Bunch of complainers!


So did Trump! Q.E.D.


Actually, no. The poll was a popular vote, no electoral college here.


Illegal votez!


Russian got to Stusser too. Sad.





Sprechen du change, moved back to overlapping, Tom prefers it.


It’s Tom’s living room, even his goofy mistakes must stand. :)


Aaak, stop, my ears are bleeding!

Hmm, why’d the quote come out funny-looking?


Quotes don’t work on the same line. You must have hacked that in via editing somehow?


Actually, originally the quote started on the next line and it still came out screwy. I’m using Safari on my iPod if it makes a difference. Gonna edit it with a return after the first tag and see if that works.

[quote="stusser, post:1897, topic:78624"]
Sprechen du change

That’s how it comes out when I select and use the pop-up quote button on it.

[quote="stusser, post:1897, topic:78624, full:true"]
Sprechen du change, moved back to overlapping, Tom prefers it.

That’s how it comes out when I use the full quote button it.