PC GOTY so far - I know I'm premature


NieR: Automata easily. Besides that, I think the only 2017 releases I finished were Cryptark and StarCrawlers


Recap of last nights game awards, I didn’t watch, I don’t think anyone I know watched either.


What about Hat in Time? Why has no one mentioned it? Is it a bad game?


Sadly it was released in a MARIO year. :(

@tomchick seems to really enjoy playing it, and I’ve liked what I’ve seen from his streaming of it.


Hmmm, so filtering out console-only stuff, focusing on PC:

  • Best Narrative: What Remains of Edith Finch
  • Best Art Direction: Cuphead
  • Best Score/Music: NieR: Automata
  • Best Audio Design: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Best Performance: Melina Juergens, Hellblade
  • Games for Impact: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  • Best Ongoing Game: Overwatch
  • Best VR/AR Game: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
  • Best Action Game: Wolfenstein II
  • Best Fighting Game: Injustice 2
  • Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Motorsports 7
  • Best Independent Game: Cuphead
  • Best Student Game: Level Squared
  • Best esports Game: Overwatch
  • Best esports Player: Lee sang-hyeok “Faker”, League of Legends
  • Best esports Team: Cloud9
  • Best Debut Indie Game: Cuphead
  • Best Chinese Game: jx3 HD


Huh, just realized I have not played a single one of those games. Haven’t heard of a couple. I thought you guys were supposed to be helping me keep in touch with what the popular kids are doing!


ewww, gross!


I watched a little of the Game Awards. Musicial performances & the Brothers Tale of Two Sons director were entertaining. Slime rancher got robbed.

Forza 7 as best sports/racing game?

(Insert rant here)

It’s pretty, but it isn’t that good.


I caught a little bit of it, when they mentioned that last year’s GOTY winner Overwatch had something to show, and they had this orchestra play some music and they were showing some story bits on the screen in the background. I think that was an announcement of a single player campaign but I can never be sure with Overwatch. That game keeps pretending there’s story there even when there isn’t. This could just have been more of that.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (which got three awards) was a PC title too.


Thanks. I didn’t know that. I added those awards back in.


I’m curious how something like this could even happen with so many ways to watch, read about, or listen to podcasts about games from so many outlets? I feel more informed than ever buying games these days, and have for a long time it seems. It’s not like the dark ages when I’d have saved for months to buy a game and then land on Mighty Bomb Jack and be stuck with it for months before I could buy something new.


RE7 doesn’t actually support VR on PC.


Not yet, but it’s coming next month. It’s probably still useful for PC players to know it won best VR/AR game.


Oh cool, didn’t know that!


It is probably Ghost Recon : Wildlands going by fun/time. But that feels pretty unsatisfying as an answer. I will doubtless change my mind by end of December.


ELEX is the only game published this year that I’ve played. So it would have to be it.


They are billions, and I haven’t even played it yet, just watched streams :P


Pardon me for being that guy but you haven’t played it because the game releases on the 12th, but on the upside I guess that allows it to squeak into best of 2017 lists?


Watching other people play They Are Billions, and screaming at the screen…“YOU NEED TO BUILD MORE UNITS” is easily as fun as actually playing the game is probably going to be.