PC Upgrade - Looking for advice


That’s 130.

Prices have dropped a lot since I purchased my stuff but if you can go fast and big as tolerable on your first drive, well everything else you can add later if you feel like it.

It’s hard to know about the CPUs coming out. There always seems to be something on the horizon. The 2700, not x, has been around that price a few times before. It looks like a nice build to me though. MSI is not my favorite but everyone has good and horror stories based around who knows how many brands.


I think m2 nvme speed is artificial benchmarks, it’s not gonna help real life much. Booting W10 is already just a few seconds, the BIOS takes longer. Total War isn’t gonna get much faster, it’s waiting for the video card to handle a zillion little orcs. I got one, and I’m much happier with the 2TB “slow” SSD I have to fit my entire steam library.

edit: Found a result on my feed today.

TLDR the NVME is actually slower than the normal SSD (162 seconds vs 160 seconds)
Samsung 970 Evo vs Samsung 860 Evo


Seems like a solid build. I’d say no reason to wait for Ryzen 3.

Looking at that list it’s crazy how messed up DDR memory prices got and still are today. $120 for 16GB still.


I remember the days when I bought 4 megabytes of RAM for $125, and it was a bargain.


Dude. 16 kilobytes. 300 bucks.


I just did a similar upgrade yesterday, and I’m quite pleased with the new machine. I haven’t had a real gaming rig in a few years, and running VR on my “franken-computer” was getting to be a chore.

I went with:
Ryzen 2700 - $230
Gigabyte B450 WIFI pro (so I wouldn’t have to buy a wifi card) - $110
16 gigs Corsair vengeance @3000 MHz with RGB - $110
Corsair Carbon 540 case in white - $130

I already had a good power supply, a 1070 video card, and a pair of M.2s. Sadly, when I booted up a fresh copy of windows, my second, and older WD Blue M.2 couldn’t be found. I even tried putting it in a SATA adaptor kit, and plugging it into the motherboard’s SATA 0, but the BIOS refuses to recognize the drive. I have no idea why it went bad. It’s a real shame because it was about 500 gigs of steam library, with a ton of mods for Skyrim VR.

Other than that, the entire build was easy, and I was happy when it booted on the first try. I haven’t built a PC in at least 5 or 6 years, so this thing seems like a beast compared to my old rig.