Peace sells, but who’s buying? Anyone? Mandalorian, reasonable rates!

So we have our first look at the new live action show in the Star Wars universe

Not a lot to go on, just a picture and a directors list. And a high level concept pitch.

Post Return of the Jedi, pre TFA.
Mandalorian (obviously) central character.
Basically a western in space with loner gun for hire in lawless space.

The director list is rather promising too. Dave Filloni gets first crack, which he’s more than earned. Taika Waititi gets a spin(!), and several others of varying degrees of interest.

Sorry, Bryce Dallas Howard directing an episode is not a selling point for me.

But Favreau and Filloni is enough for me to be interested, we’ll see once more comes out.

This sounds more interesting to me than any Star Wars concept or pitch since 1983.

If they had any chance of getting Karen Traviss to headline their writing team, they’d be crazy not to. Her Republic Commando/501st Imperial series is great and hugely founded on Mandalorian culture. Unfortunately I got the impression (not least from the fact that that series despite clearly having multiple planned installments in the works, abruptly ended with no plans for revival) that Traviss feels they burned some bridges pretty hard there.

I’m very intrigued at who the Mandalorian could be too. We learned from Rebels that both sexes wear the armor and fight.

A live action Star Wars TV show would have boggled my mind as a kid.

Now I default to ‘meh’ unless indicated otherwise.

For me the presence of Dave Filloni, John Favreau, and Taika Waititi are enough to put this firmly into ‘cautious optimisim’. Filloni, in particular, has done great work in this universe, so the more involved he is, the more good that portends.

as simplistic as it sounds, I like the ideaa of returning, simply, to “Kurosawa in Space”. Instead of Hidden Fortress, let’s try Yojimbo. Then we can always soften he/she up later as Sanjuro.

Basic, simple, good plots.

Man, I was hoping this was going to be Megadeth related. :(

I mean, it is me. So that was certainly my inspiration for creating a Qt3 esque thread title.

But I am really a So Far, So Good… So What! kinda guy.

Sure, but you have to admit that if you were to pick a Megadeth name that fits the idea of a gun for hire in a post galactic war setting, Peace Sells is the natural choice.
@Scotch_Lufkin 👍

1.) Peace Sells still kicks ass.

2.) @Scotch_Lufkin kicks ass.

That is all.

“The Mandalorian” is a terrible, terrible title, unless they want nobody but hardcore Star Wars fans to watch their show. “Mandalorian,” unlike, say, “Jedi,” is not one of the bits of Star Wars lore that has entered the popular consciousness. And it’s five freaking syllables.

Agree! Heck, it’s the first time I’ve been genuinely excited about a new Star Wars concept since the original trilogy ended.

I applaud your attempt at competing for the Worst Qt3 Thread Title Of All Time. It’s a real contenda’.

Have you seen some of the titles? Mine at least contains the core of the name of the actual item under discussion!

My vote for the worst is, and may never be surpassed, is the one for Legendary Heroes Trails in the Sky, or whatever. So I just wanted some fun, and participation, in that age old tradition.

I agree. I am actually tired of perfunctory thread tiles. I like creativity unless it’s a very interactive/dynamic thread and requires a lot of changing/editing (PBF, Games, Clubs, whatnot).

Like: “The Star Wars Universe Mandalorian TV Project Thread”?


P.S. - If you had made a Swingers reference in your title, I would have given it a 10/10. It’s an 8/10 now. :)

Yeah, I liked the “it’s that time of year again…” thread for the new Apple product releases.

Italian kissing noise


Four Stars! Author! Author!!