Peace sells, but who’s buying? Anyone? Mandalorian, reasonable rates!

It’s no All Good Demons, but I do smile every time it gets bumped by someone bitching about Apple and/or showing off their hot new $2000 godwatch.

It’s disconcerting how many thread-starters feel it’s necessary to inform us that their thread is a thread.

AIUI it’s going to go on the Disney/Marvel streaming service. So I’m not sure it’s being pitched to the general public anyway. It’s a draw for Star Wars fans to pay for the service. I’d imagine people who like Marvel enough to pay for a streaming service are also probably big enough nerds to know what a Mandolarian is. That just leaves families who are paying for the service for Disney content who might not know what a Mandolarian is.

But they certainly know who Elsa is, and I’m sure they’ll get hooked with promises of princesses.

Gulity as charged! I think I’ve done three. But ironically, dammit!

I’m sure they were also interesting.

No…I can’t take that step even in Humor.

I think “Thread” could be used better though even in titles.

Example, I don’t P & R, but here’s a freebie to all those on the left side of things:

“This Thread Kills Fascists!”

To which I’d reply:

My wife crochets, and as soon as @Zylon called it out my first thought was to make a thread called ‘the thread thread’ and post yarns and stuff.

Problem is that I’ve got notnhing beyond that.

I secretly did that…shhh…

Its a thread about threads.

Now thread is a word I’ve read too many times in a row and it sounds wrong in my head. Thread. Thread. Thread. Gah.

Every time I read the “Russia is getting more evil thread” I wonder how much evil thread they need, really.

The gulags go through blankets exactly as fast as you might imagine. It’s a bit of a cottage industry, really.

Cast announcement:

Pedro Pascal ( Narcos ) has been cast in the title role as a lone Mandalorian gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. He is joined by Gina Carano ( Deadpool ), Giancarlo Esposito ( Breaking Bad ), Emily Swallow ( Supernatural ), Carl Weathers ( Predator ), Omid Abtahi ( American Gods ), Werner Herzog ( Grizzly Man ), and Nick Nolte ( Affliction ).

I always have to click on the thread to find out what it’s about.

Ha, same. I’m always disappointed it isn’t a Megadeth thread.


This is the project that my buddy is working on.

You’re buddies with Werner? Nice!

Because fan favorites cropping up was inevitable

Why is a meatbag sharing his picture?