Peace sells, but who’s buying? Anyone? Mandalorian, reasonable rates!

This looks better than Rise of Skywalker.

Shakey cam of the trailer, who knows how long it will be up.

The craziest part of the panel was when they were talking about The Razorcrest, the main ship in the show, and how they were filming it old-school as a model with fly-by camera work.

Disney is spending GoT levels of money on this series, and it shows. If it achieves the same level of popularity that would be worthwhile.

I’m hoping, and as someone with three kids getting the Disney streaming service is pretty likely.

I’ll be there for this.

I hope they don’t over-utilize CGI for this show. That is one great thing about the New Trilogy: less CGI. (Or less intrusive CGI.)

Though the opening space battle in Revenge of the Sith was pretty badass.

This is what they showed. An extended sequence with the Mandalorian and Carl Weathers, then Werner Herzog’s character, and then the teaser above. A bit better version, still at an angle and generally meh-quality though.

edit: you’ll have to stomach someone saying “ohhhh” in various ways, a lot.

— Alan

Looks promising. If IG-88 is in it then Bossk better be as well.

I should probably read the rest of Tales of the Bounty Hunters some day.

Can I just Carl Weathers is making those Star Wars clothes look good.

I think I have this but never played it. Good? Does it hold up well?

It was quite good at the time. Can’t tell you how well it holds up today or even if it runs.

Don’t - think- the game is related to the novels I was talking about, but I could be wrong.

Yeah. Everything I see seems good so far.

Plus Favreau and Filloni give me great confidence in the quality.

Holy shit, I only just discovered that they got Carl Fucking Weathers for this thing. Awwwwww yeah.


Baby, you got a stew going!

Apparently it’s IG-11, voiced by Taika Waititi.

— Alan

New Mandolarian Trailer

My buddy, who is an editor on the Mandalorian, just sent me that.

I got a pop up from Youtube as well.

Yeah, that dog will hunt.

Yeah, that looks pretty great from the trailer. I didn’t expect production value to be so good.

That’ll earn my subscription dollars for at least a month.

My buddy on the production couldn’t tell me much, but he did say it was big big budget.

I still have my doubts about “CBC All Access” and nearly all other streaming wannabes. Netflix will crush them in time.

But I don’t have those doubts about Disney+. That one will fly.

This looks goddamn sweet.