People you don't know parking in front of your house

There is that.

Just watch out for whoever’s doing it as they come or go and give them shit about it. Lord knows my neighbors come over and give me shit if me or any of my friends park in front of their houses.

If you’re even marginally polite when you bring this up with the neighbors and they decide to fight and hate you, because they’re parking in front of your house and you had the nerve to bring it up with them, I can’t imagine things going better if you skip straight to calling the cops on them (or whatever you determine your legal options may be). Seriously, I can’t fathom a situation where kicking things off with a polite visit is going to worsen the situation. Well, maybe if you went over in your pjs.

That is very unlike the experiences I’ve had with my neighbors. Maybe all you guys just have shoddy people skills.

The other night, my next door neighbor was watching a movie past midnight and his subwoofer was rattling the dishes and glasses in my kitchen. Knocking on his door garnered no response (cuz he couldn’t fricking hear me) but I could clearly hear the Superman fanfare (daaa-da-da-da-daaaa daaa daaa daaaaa).

I wrote him a short note stating that I liked Superman as much as the next guy, but that I was hoping he could do me a favor and turn the subwoofer levels down past 11pm because the rumbles were going through the walls and the floor. “and, well, it’s quite impressive,” I wrote.

He came to my door the next day to apologize and to thank me for writing him such a nice note.

When I was in high school, my mom always put a lawn chair in her spot to discourage people from parking in it. But this was only when it snowed and we had to dig the spot out. In the summer she just glared at you.

I say egg the cars. If that doesn’t work, shit in a bag, light it on fire, and then ring the paino teachers door bell. When the paino teacher answers, tell him someone has shit in a bag and lit it on fire, and then ask if he would please call the fire dept.

If the cops ever block off the road leading to the piano teacher’s house, get the eff out, because someone’s going to kidnap Dakota Fanning.

Be the change the want to see.

First advice: tough shit, you don’t own the street.

Second advice: Paint some parking lines on the street, that will encourage people to park accordingly.


Park the car you use least on the street. Use the garage for the other two cars. Whenever one of your cars comes home and the street is available, use it.

By the way, I don’t mean the neighbors are going to physically punch you. I mean that I think it is fantasy world where things like this are resolved with kind words and a “whoops, won’t do that again,” and everyone barbecues ever after. From what I have seen of my neighbors, they are all basically a big petty bag of hostility and resentment toward each other, because X did Y, and had the nerve to ask me to pay for it, etc.

And before you ask, I am not a part of it, from what I know. I just get to hear the stories about how they all hate each other for exactly shit like this.

Piano teachers generally don’t have people visiting them at 9-11pm. If that’s the earliest you can move your car, then your neighbor is probably dealing heroin. The only sensible option is to burn their house down.

Yeah, I don’t know what state you are in, but here you most definately DON’T own the street in front of your house. So, yeah may be suck, but when someone is parked in front of your house, you will just have to park in front of someone else’s. Pay it forward!

Can’t believe it took 20 posts for the right answer. Who wants to play petty games of escalation? End it before it starts.

Yeah I guess I didn’t mention this but I live in the suburbs as well.

There’s plenty of space anywhere around. The piano teacher across the street never has people parked in front of his house for more than a few minutes (I see a car there only to pick up their kids and then they leave, so I dunno). There’s space in both houses next to me.

Personally I ended up parking next to the house next to me since I didn’t want to wake up at 7am and move the car from the driveway somewhere else.

That’s a good idea, although the street is public property so I’d have to inquire about that.

To all the people who suggest I just talk to the piano teacher, I could probably do that, except I’m not actually sure why the cars are parking there. It’s different ones all the time and I never see anyone going in/out of them, so it could be just different people visiting different neighbors every time. And I don’t exactly have security cameras to check, should I just randomly assume that they are indeed visiting the piano teacher neighbor?

What about the time you nearly rammed somebody parking in front of your house? In any case, I’d just say “suck it up”. With that many cars, the driveway shuffle is simply a fact of life. There are other spots along the street that you can use, so use them.

No idea, I went to go look for a copy of The Darkness and couldn’t find the EBGames (they removed it from the mall! grrr)… but when I came back the car was still there. What annoys is that I wish that people would just park next to the house they’re visiting, not to the house that happens to be mine.

You wear pajamas?

Pajamas are awesome.

But more importantly, you’re wearing your pajamas by 9pm?

Hell, I’m usually in bed and asleep by 9:30. Of course, I get up at 5am.

Dude, suck it up. You don’t own the street.

Is this a serious thread?

Who goes to piano lessons at 9pm (or later?)
What’s stopping you to simply parking on the opposite side of the street in front of your neighbor’s house?

If it’s that much of a pita for you to walk across the street (which it might be, just mentally annoying) Just talk to the guy to ask if he could ask his students to park on the other side of the street or pull forward please.

I still wonder if these are even his students you’re getting pissed at, the cars shouldn’t be constantly changing, you should notice a pattern.

Does your pajamas have sockmonkey’s on them?

At least he didn’t post two minutes of his friggin’ vacuum cleaner in the “best of youtube” thread. Seriously, what part of “best” did you sell into white slavery?