I’m still waiting for this game to exit beta to give it a spin. Sounds promising!

oh the game is fully released; they are just testing updates/improvements for the game.

How does this compare to Surviving Mars? Probably apples and oranges but if anyone has played both I’d be curious what you think.

I’ve played both. This is like a true sim with a lot of intelligent thought. Surviving Mars is like Simcity super lite. Very different games.

I’ll be playing the beta when I get off my MLB The Show kick. But they need to do something about research because there’s little reason to invest in multiple big cities right now,

@jpinard OK, thanks. The game did not seem to be too well received when it launched but it looks like they have made a lot of improvements since then.

The game is light years better than it was upon release. It’s a really good game now.

I’ve enjoyed Per Aspera much more than I did Surviving Mars.

I only create threads for the best games. ;)

OK, thanks guys. Wishlisted it and will wait for a sale since I have more games than time right now.

I had the opposite experience. I like Surviving Mars a lot more than Per Aspera. Now to be fair only spent 12 hours on vs a few hundred for Surviving Mars. At this point Surviving Mars is pretty polished,but development has stopped. Per Aspera is still improving and I think ultimately has more potential.

Surviving Mars is simpler, easier to understand game, more straightforward Per Aspera is more of a puzzle.

Well new DLC for surviving Mars will be released. But to your point it is probably not going to radically overhaul any systems.

Really, there is a new DLC for surviving Mars? I didn’t see any info on it on the Paradox forums. Do you have any details on it? I may get it but I’m pretty much done with the game.

No details as yet. But you can read the plan here.

Another full expansion is on the docket for this year, though its contents are a mystery for now.

“Abstraction has a vision for the content they are making, and planning, for Surviving Mars,” says Lysell. “While we can’t go into specifics about what’s next for Surviving Mars, we have ambitious plans for the game’s future. Abstraction’s vision is one we feel players will love and we will continue investing in more content as long as the community likes what they are playing.”

That 1.3 patch just went public. I’ll try and try it out later tonight.

Awe yeah:

Why do they mark it as a DLC if it is free?

I’ve seen several games with free DLC, nothing unusual here, IMO.

New skins for buildings? I honestly couldn’t tell you what buildings in Per Aspera even look like. Does it actually have buildings? All I remember is covering Mars in a network of web-like patterns.



Quite true, however I spent a ton of time cramming stuff in tight and the different colors will help me separate out what’s what.