Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

This was just announced

Phoenix Point is our new game - turn based tactical combat - world based strategy -

Exciting! I do like the “world based strategy” part as well.

So far, thats all we know, though, but thought people liked Chaos Reborn sufficiently to be excited about this, even this early.

Turn based? So it’s not the Magic & Mayhem remake that I was promised?

Nice. Will watch closely. Wonder if they will Kickstart…

I wish they’d add turn notification to CR already, though!

I remember reading and hearing Gollop talking on how Valkyria Chronicles was in his opinion the way forward for squad tactics games. and that he was designing a game in that vein just before VC1 came out. I really hope this is a continuation of that project…

Yeah, can’t wait to find out some substantive information about this.

That was Dreamland Chronicles: Freedom Ridge. It was cancelled in 2001, 7 years before VC. Interestingly, the plot had the XCOM project failing and aliens winning the war, and the game followed the human resistance trying to find a way of defeating the aliens. Sounds a bit familiar.

“Enemies mutate to counter your strategies”

Julian gave a talk recently about X-Com (full thing here) and he drops a few more details about PP:

  • X-Com style game
  • Tactical turn-based missions
  • Geoscape
  • Destructible terrain
  • Character progression

So basically this will be Julian’s modern take on the game. Should be interesting to see how he evolves it; the mutation mechanic sounds intriguing. A bit like X-Com: The Thing perhaps?

That’s some awesome teasers.

First screen shot. (drool)

I was never so crushed for a title to be cancelled as I was when Dreamland Chronicles was. I had the website bookmarked and visited daily waiting for any news. Seems like there was even talk of it being on a console, which, at the time, was like a beautiful dream.

Looks sort of post some sort of apocalypse from the website for the game.

Recent interview with Julian about Phoenix Point, including a couple of new in-game / prototype screenshots. Sounds fascinating, more along the lines of an evolved version of the original X-Com design. Julian’s going to show off more at E3 this week.

Sounds intriguing. Thanks for posting this. I like the idea of interacting with other human factions. If those other factions prove to be the greater danger, a la The Walking Dead (minus the zombies) this could be quite fun.

Refreshingly honest about the state of the game, “and we have some “fake game footage” as we call it of how we’d like the game to look.”

Reminds me of Infested Planet. While IP didn’t mutate to counter, the mutations forced you to switch up your game, and it was brilliant.

Wow, I’m excited for this. Wasn’t keen on Firaxis’ reboot of XCOM so I’ll be keeping a very close eye on Phoenix Point!

Actually, it did, but only on the last level and on the hardest difficulty setting:

Ohhh, okay, thanks for the link! Infested Planet was so good.

Phoenix Point is going to be turn based though right? Trying to sort the reference to Infested Planet which to me is a RTS / tower defense hybrid.

PP is turn based with, presumably, a real time / pausable world map, a la original xcom. Julian talks about unit abilities mutating in response to player actions, which as mentioned above also happens to some extent in infested planet (never played it).

RPS interview has me drooling, and some exciting screenshots including… wait… is that? It is! A geoscape! This doesn’t look like a simple X-Com rehash though, some genuinely intriguing ideas in there.