Phoenix Point - new Julian Gollop turn-based strategy game

DLC 4 :

Playing this game now without the dlcs have to feel weird, as it seems you will be playing it entire mechanical pieces missing.

This is out on Xbox now, too. I’m remotely installing now via the Games Pass app, but I won’t be able to try it out until I get off work.

We also are making available a new cosmetic skin, the Headhunter Heavy! Everyone can unlock this armor with the promotional code:


Okay, but how do I get it?

It looks like the version on Game Pass is just the base game with no DLC. That sucks since I was under the impression the full game would be available. Is it even worth playing without any DLC?

Yes it is, I have only been whelmed by the DLC

I thought the game pass one was the Year1 edition, which has the first 3 DLCs

That’s what I thought but when I look at the MS store the Year One Edition is 31.99 with Game Pass.

I think there’s some sort of code entry option from the main menu somewhere.

I think you have to be willing to be corrupted absolutely first.

Depends whether you have absolute responsibility or not

It depends on what you mean. The console version that came out today supposedly has all current DLC already in it. The PC version that’s been on game pass since December '19 I think it’s just the base version.

Click the right-most icon in the lower-left corner of the main menu.

Thank you. That worked.

Well, looking at it now that I’m home, this is a little confusing. The version on GP on Xbox seems to be the base game. When you start a New Game, it has the option to activate DLC, all of which are marked ‘Availible’. Clicking them takes you to the Store, where they are listed as ‘Unavailable’, except the last, Corrupted Horizons, for $4.50.

But when you look in the Store app itself, in New Releases, you see only the Behemoth Edition, which is a bundle that includes all the DLC (including CH) for $40 (GP discount to $32). All DLC are listed as purchasable there, for between $4.50-9, totalling $27, with the base game by itself having a list price of $60 (!!)($48 with GP). So to buy them separately, $90/$75, as a bundle $40/$32. It’s… kind of nuts.

So as much as I’ve been waiting for this to come out on GP, I may just pony up the $32 for the Behemoth Edition and be done with it.

I made 6 Cypher HG handguns but they are not in storage. The manufacturing list says I have 6 but I can’t find them anywhere. I must be overlooking something obvious.

Edit: I just figured out the handguns only appear when you select the Sniper. Is there any way to equip the assault class with a handgun? It would come in handy if one of their arms get blown off.

Weapons are tied to class.
You can still equip one as an assualt ,but you’ll get an accuracy penalty.

To use without penalty, You either crossed-train into a class with handguns or yoy lucked into one o those random skills that gives hanguns proffiency/bonus

By default the inventory only shows your ckass’s equipment, you can toggle the filter to show equipment for all classes

I can’t figure out how to equip my heavies with a handgun, since the handguns only appear in storage when I select a sniper.

toggle the class filter tab Inventory to show ‘all’

Thank you so much, it was driving me nuts.