Pick Your Fave MST3K Episode!

Yeah, it’s actually been fully remastered.

— Alan


The Master would not approve.

Yep. One crazy, beautiful bastard.

WOW. Well why didn’t he have the basic decency to make it a Kickstarter so we could all feel good about contributing to it and stuff?

(Definitely planning on attending the RiffTrax event. Should be a unique experience. Imagine coming up with all new jokes for a movie people have seen you joke about a million times.)


I figured this thread got bumped due to the AV Club’s recent posting of their Top 10 Essential MST3K episodes. Turns out I was completely full of shit.

Ha! I guess because: I didn’t check; that’s why!

I’m watching Space Mutiny. How did they get away with just straight up stealing footage from BSG?

They were apparently able to license the footage from universal. I’ve always found it more perplexing that mike and the bots don’t comment on it.

One of, if not the, best eps in my mind. And I too wondered how/why the blatant BSG shots weren’t mentioned at all.

Ho, ho, hooooo!

Going from memory here, but I remember reading on the fan wiki that they never mentioned it because the crew simply didn’t recognize the BSG shots until after the episode was in the can and it was too late. IIRC, Space Mutiny was post-Trace, and I think he was the big sci-fi geek.

Not sure how that’s possible. BSG should have been right in their wheelhouse age-wise. At least the visuals. I mean I’m sure it’s true if that’s what they said but it kind it seems so bizarre. Those were pretty iconic styles of ships.

Wow, you’re right. I thought this was an earlier episode, but I went to look it up in the episode guide and it came after that book was made (it goes to Season 6). I guess it all blends together for me after awhile.

Somehow I missed this post 6-and-a-half years ago. Those Ektachrome shots are amazingly different from the film in which Joel commented, “Every shot in this movie looks like someone’s last known photograph.”

Space Mutiny is top 5.

So there’s a new set of classic MST3K eps on Netflix.Of these, what do people recommend?

Day The Earth Froze
The Beatniks
Sinister Urge
Bride of the Monster
The Incredibly Strange Creatures…
Deathstalker & The Warrior From Hell
The Beast of Yucca Flats
The Atomic Brain

The Gunslinger is a classic. The Beatniks and Sinister Urge are also both great, and I have good memories of Deathstalker, though I can’t remember why.

Oh god yeah, you can’t go wrong with Gunslinger.

Definitely watch Bride of the Monster. Joel and the bots perform a musical based on the short preceding the movie called “Hired”, and it’s arguably the funniest host segment they’ve ever done. Watch Joel’s facial expression in the background when Gypsy belts out “ZEEEEEEEERRROOOOO”. Always leaves me in stitches.