Pick Your Fave MST3K Episode!


I have most of the DAP releases on my computer, but I have been buying almost every DVD that has been released in the collections. Though lacking in quality, the DAP versions have been a life saver, as my VHS copy of “Riding with Death” (which hasn’t had a DVD release) is getting old.

The DAP is really awesome, they do a good job of taking down the videos that have been released on DVD,and just host the ones that cannot be purchased in any way. (My only complaint is that the videos are in a codec that is unwatchable on the Xbox).

Thank god for the new distributor though. DVD quality versions… Mmm. They have really neat mini-poster pack ins with the new ones as well. I also got an awesome Tom Servo figurine.

I do miss the old trading/watching parties though. Everyone always has a favorite episode that you “Just gotta watch” So much fun.


There simply isn’t a favorite MST3k episode for me: they’re all MST3k.

“The most frightening word in the world of nuclear physics.” “Oops.”


Oh hell yes.

During the show’s history Mystery Science Theater did many musical bits. Topless Robot recently linked to the “13 best” Mystery Science Theater 3000 songs. It’s not a bad list, although there are some notable exclusions. About those, click through…

But why rely on that Topless Robot list when you have THIS, which is not a complete list of every song or substantial song reference MST ever did, but is the great majority of them. Especially good bits are marked with an asterisk. Many of these are direct links inside MST3K episodes on YouTube; it’s up to you to close those when the song is done (or alternatively, why not keep watching, won’t you?).

Creeeeeepy girrrrrrrrrrrrl!


A Patrick Swayze Christmas had better be on that list.


Source of Jason’s quote

Edit: Affirmative, Omniscia (#19).


I loved the Tom Servo choir.


Ditto. Fugitive Alien I and II definitely split my sides.

So hard to pick a one true favorite though. The Beginning of the End will always be one my favorites too.

“What’s that noise?” “I dunno it seems to be coming from behind that giant grasshopper”


“He’s signing AAAAAAUUUUGH” (as a deaf charatcer is eaten by a grasshopper)

plus much classic Peter Graves-ness!

Edit: Wow… I totally should read my own post from page 1. I seem to have developed Goldfish Memory.


Realize this is an old thread and response has been made many times already, but another vote for Pod People. Scene that clinches the #1 position, here.

Best short is likely, as mentioned, Mr. B Natural (parts 1 and 2, which preceded War on the Colossal Beast.


I just came across this one today. Holy crap is it disturbing:


— Alan


What the hell IS this?


It’s a rifftrax of what appears to be a bicycle safety video. But man is it messed up.

— Alan


Does anyone remember “The Magic Sword” starring Gary Lockwood and Basil Rathbone. I remember watching it way back when Comedy Central would do a countdown of MST3K at midnight during the summer back when staying up until 2 in the morning was an exciting endeavor.

Just awful monster special effects including a Teddy Ruxpin-esque giant. Still quote that one to my brother.


Oh yeah. The full version is available on Youtube (well, most of the episodes are). But it’s like one huge video, not broken up into segments.

— Alan


That one has one of my favorite host segments:

Ode to Estelle.


Rifftrax is 5 years old


Speaking of the Crater Lake Monster…


— Alan


My favorite episode is Fire Maidens of Outer Space. As Crow says in the final host segment, “Cy Roth had to pad the film just so he could get to the parts that had more padding!” This gives the guys a chance to invent entire sections of dialogue while the astronauts stroll across the 13th moon of Jupiter or sit around chain smoking. In the end, Ric Ocasek in a union suit is no match for our heroes, who rescue the ladies of New Atlantis in the present and then offer their services to ensure the city’s future.

In order to offset the lack of action in the movie, the host segments had an ongoing plot of their own.


I just bought the Gamera box set from Amazon: http://amzn.to/mUeofF

He remains full of turtle meat.


Rifftrax highlights of the Jack and the Giant Killer live show:

— Alan


When I went to see The Dark Knight Rises, there were posters for a live simulcast of Rifftrax doing Manos: The Hands of Fate. I’ve been told they have a new print of the movie, so it may no longer be true that “every scene looks like someone’s last known photograph”, but it should still be hilarious.