Pillars of Eternity


The IE mod is finally updated and largely working (no crashes, anyway) for 3.0. You will need to get the 2.0 version, then copy in the new patch DLL.



Scott or anyone else know of a mod that removes the suppression rule, allowing bonuses from multiple different items to stack? I’m curious if one exists how high I can get my barbarian’s (4th play thru) strength.


It’d be nice. I’m sure the math breaks if you just stack bonuses willy-nilly, but the suppression rule makes so many items not very useful and it’s difficult to keep track of to boot.


So I ran to the White March in my Rogue playthrough as soon as it was available. A couple of dialogues have been like, “Uh, you may want to come back to [objective] later, from the look of you.” Should I listen to them?

In other news, hahahahaha I’ve never seen a glass cannon like a Pillars rogue. She does a truly butt-clenching amount of damage, but ye gods she falls over if anything so much as looks at her. Still, soloing the enemy’s backline is always amusing.


Playing this for the first time and I hit a huge difficulty spike on the quest “Return to Court” where you’re ambushed by the sore butt nugget who didn’t get Caed Nua in the ruling. Well fuck me Amadeus, Captain Emery and her posse just wiped the floor with all 6 of my groups bodies in the Charred Barrel inn. Up to this point the game felt balanced for me and my party but after several attempts to win this particular battle I had to turn the difficulty down from [B]normal[/B]to Story Mode just to beat them. Even in Story Mode my guys were taking a fair beating even though we did prevail. I’m only in Chapter 2 but that encounter felt entirely unbalanced and having to bump the difficulty down to Story Mode felt so cheap that I quit the game for the evening.


There are quite a few of those encounters throughout the game! You stumble upon a band of ruffians that seem like an easy enough meal and proceed to get clobbered to hell and back. I picked the game back up again with the White March after a long hiatus, been playing on Path of the Damned since day 1 and those spikes in difficulty are still there (I didn’t even crank it to high level content!). It’ll take some trial and error but after a few attempts I’ve found that most encounters can be overcome with proper planning… and with planning I mean abuse summoning items and bottlenecks!

I’ve come across one fight now in the White March, a bunch of paladins, monks, a special character and two priests. Even though I use enough summons to make it look like a napoleonic battlefield the paladins will grind me down consistently with their lay on hands. The fights are fun, but it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all the buffs and debuffs once the chaos starts, when should I dispell my enemies? When should I dispell my party? What spells are they casting? In what order should I cast mine? Are the buffs on my tank running out? Where did my 3 con rogue die? All taking place behind a gigantic special effect so you can’t tell who’s who.

I could just leave and return later but… these bastards are such assholes.


Jeeeezus, that Concelhaut fight. A lich, I could probably handle. A bunch of high level undead I could probably handle. The two together just shreds me. I’ve tried separating them and it just pulled everyone out of Concelhaut’s study.


Just a heads up - that’s (pre-second expansion) by design the most challenging fight in the game.


So yeah, I tried to power through White March with an underleveled (seriously, as soon as I could get there - I hit level 7 after the first proper dungeony thing I did) party.

Yeah, we’re back in Defiance Bay. On the plus side, a couple levels and a few decent items from the White Marching I was able to accomplish are making dudes basically melt, which will be amusing for a while.


This is the game I will be running a group in soon --and eclectic group --when I finish Fallout 4: Survival. Non-standard – like 4 monks or something – gimme a few weeks lol.

Tyranny just looks too good – so I have to go back a bit. I will be playing a group of 4 to see if its viable.


Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian talked about a few things, including Pillars 2.

Q: You have a few projects on the go now, including Tyranny, which seems to be similar to Pillars of Eternity in the exact way you’re talking about. It’s one for you.

FU: The stuff we’re really working on is Armored Warfare, which is our big one, and then Tyranny, we’re starting to move forward on Pillars of Eternity 2, and we’ve just shipped the digital version of the Pathfinder card game. Then we have a few people working on something new. We hired Leonard Boyarsky recently, who’s one of the co-creators of the original Fallout.[/quote]

Q: So what do you want from the next 13 years? Do you still want to be independent?

FU: I am fine being independent in 13 years. I would be okay if we got purchased, but I would be fine independent. Ultimately, we need to be good at what we do. It goes back to what we were saying about things that are beyond our control. Well, there are things that are in our control, so let’s not screw those things up.

We can keep doing great stuff with Eternity. I’d love to turn Eternity into more like a Skyrim product. I’d love to do a science fiction game. I just want to keep making role-playing games - I do, and the team does. Whether that’s independent or not, making RPGs we can be proud of is the goal. And that’s what I can look back on. We’ve been very proud of a lot of what we’ve done as a team.[/quote]


Ah, outstanding - I mean I assumed there would be one some day, but it’s nice they are already putting some work into it. Between Torment and Tyranny I’ll have plenty of RPG goodness on my plate to tide me over for PoE 2!


Playing a party of 4 now in POE with both White March Expansions (ok – It’s the first play day in weeks I haven’t played survival mode Fallout 4 lol).

Main is a Hunter – all self-created Icewind dale type play – Pally, warrior, cipher. On Hard. I wanted a chanter --but with these new patches, fights are faster - so the chanter is actually not near as good. Now it seems to be more about fast burst damage.

Started very rough – had some trouble. Now alla sudden at level 5 they are superheroes!

I have always preferred in the old style IE games playing a party of 4. One of the real reasons that Tyranny looks so good to me –

(ok – lets be honest for a sec – a hunter makes it a party of 5…)


Chanter can be plenty of burst damage if you give him a boomstick!

In general though I feel like Chanters’ real strength isn’t even necessarily the chanting, but their general high stats. They’re very capable at filling in as a secondary whatever, and that can be quite useful.


Plus they don’t need to sleep to get their spells --which makes them Cipher useful. But it’s faster combat now --and I can’t get the chanter to get his game on in fast fights – I mean --well, chant-wise.


Yeah, they suffer in the sped-up fights to some extent, for sure. Honestly, I know everyone loves Ciphers, but I’ve never been all that happy with them. They don’t kick Rogue amounts of ass to justify their squishiness, and can’t bust out the big guns like a Mage or Druid when shit hits the fan.

Maybe it’s just that trash fights tend to not be much of a problem and so the sustainability of a Cipher doesn’t matter that much to me - my casters always have plenty of spells left for the tougher fights. My party comp that I love dearly goes Fighter-Utility-Rogue-Priest-Druid-Mage, and I have liked Paladin best for that utility slot. Course that’s playing on Hard and not Federal Pound Me In The Ass difficulty or whatever.

That reminds me, I should start a FPMITA playthrough…


Playing on hard with 4 – I am NO expert – but wow they are doing well – I don’t recall the game being this easy. Pal/ftr/ciph/ and me --a hunter (of all things)
Oh and a wolf.


Nice. Hunters are badasses that don’t explode with nearly the regularity of rogues, but also don’t go like CRIT CRIT CRIT for 100 damage in 1.5 seconds.

But yeah, good times.


Aside from a few starting locations and some battles here and there, Pillars was pretty easy on hard. There were some encounters that were quite tough, but many could just be played without too much effort. Uneven balancing was one of the negatives of the game. Some of the White March expansion stuff was difficult. Despite that I thought the game was quite good though - the use of abilities in dialog / events, interesting characters.


I felt PoE on Hard is about right - all the way through the game, it’s a solid challenge but never (well, scratch that, let’s say rarely) frustrating.

I’ve never been brave enough to play with less than a full party - part of it is I like the classes to much to not have as many as I can.