Pillars of Eternity


I’ve been getting beat down with my 4 just a bit – Pally/fighter/hunter/rogue. I just wonder --what about – Pally/ftr/ftr/ftr --I notice that even the tank fighters (or is it warriors) do great damage and are incredibly resilient --esp with at least one pally.


I think at least 2 good crowd control fighter types are needed to protect the squishier classes in the back. Otherwise mobs overwhelm the front line. 4 fighters might work because then nobody is squishy. I can’t remember if there are enemy types that fighters would have a hard time damaging but spells are better.


The problem with the latest White March patch is fighters can’t always “hold the line” on 2 (or more) anymore – you have to spec a bit deeper. There ARE some weapons that allow it. I am finding, however, that a mid-to late game mage with some crowd control AND damaging spells works wonders. I am NOW thinking Paly/Ftr/rogue/mage. That’s sorta classic right?


What I’ve found makes my fighter a whole lot better at tanking is picking up some of the +save talents. An extra +20 against getting charmed/knocked down/whatever goes a long way.


Looking for some advice.

I am playing on Hard but find that I am starting to over-level the game a bit. I am starting ACT 3 and have not made it to White March yet.

I started on Path of the Damed, but it feels like a slog getting to Act 3 again.

Im a completionist at heart and seem to have this issue with a lot of Games. (Witcher 3 esp)

Should I keep up my new playthrough or am I just going to have the same issue?


Start of Act 3 has a difficulty spike right away if you go after the GODDAMNED OGRE DRUIDS on the north end of the first area. I would hold judgment.


Thanks Adam. Perhaps ill continue on then.


Also --White March also has a difficulty spike – why not wander over there --then wander back – then do some endless paths – I have found In that game the sorta bouncing around tactic works – not easy for the ocd in us – but …

I started a new one with Pally/ftr/ftr/rogue on hard – I finally got sick of my mages and weaksauce guys getting crushalated in the backfield –


Im not sure if its OCD or just what makes sense story wise, but I have a hard time jumping around. Its the problem with all side quests.

Why would my group abandon the quest when we are in hot pursuit of the bad guy to check out a rumor or even a call for help.

I know White March has scaling, so perhaps im best to just move on with the story, complete the game then do White March with scaling.


That’s always been the annoying thing with CRPGs for me too. I mean, I know they always give you an option to refuse quests, but it always seems so churlish to not get the poor farmer’s pigs back from the ogre :(


Its like in LOTR when the 3 companions are pursuing the Orks that captured Merry and Pippin, changing directions completely to kill a giant thats been attacking a Farmers sheep.

Im not saying I could do better. Ill take open world over On Rails any day.


[quote=“andrewsk, post:2909, topic:75356, full:true”]
Im not sure if its OCD or just what makes sense story wise, but I have a hard time jumping around. Its the problem with all side quests.

Why would my group abandon the quest when we are in hot pursuit of the bad guy to check out a rumor or even a call for help.[/quote]

I use the excuse that my party knows they’ll only be stronger, with better equipment, if they get a little more adventuring in before tackling the big battles. They are always about knowing their strengths and weaknesses and wanting to succeed in their ultimate goal. See? Works!


You know I really sorta like the mechanics --but this storyline --or lack thereof – it never grabs me. I have no motivations for anything and so – I tend to burn out on it. I wonder why that is? Obsidian is usually better than that --but this story and world building – maybe its just me. Weaksauce. I don’t feel attached to anything in this world. I felt MORE attached to the Icewind Dale world — even in IW2. I need someone to straighten me out!

Maybe Tyranny will have a PLOT that makes SENSE and some good reasons for me to kill stuff. Lord Pillars is a great “game” but lousy on story. And this is coming from someone that thought the Fallout 4 story was --uh --well, average.


Maybe it was Chris Avellone leaving. He certainly appeared to leave Obsidian over being marginalised on POE. Pity because he was their best storyteller.


BTW I have been running a pally/2 warrior/rogue group on hard an doing very well so far. I think with the new mechanics a tougher melee group does better. I’d love to hear from others. My rogue just beats people down – blunderbuss opener and as adds spill around the melee (they do that more now) she just changes to dual handed weapons and kills them.


Had to reinstall the game. Craving some role-playing and this is the most recent game with modern graphics and UI that supports my 34"'s ultra wide resolution. So I googled for White March 2 builds and saw a Youtube video for a battlemage, which is basically a wizard that pumps all points into Dex, Per, and Might and uses spells for defense and for summoned weapons. And it works. There’s a Lhengrath staff/pike spell at 1st level that does insane dmg, and I’ve always ignored it. Add in Arcane Veil and various other buffs and you’re a machine, even at low levels. At higher levels you discard all forms of armor and can end up attacking more than 1/sec with 0.75 interrupts, very high accuracy and dmg. I think spells for the build end at around 11th or 12th level (6th level spells), so the rest is whatever strikes you fancy.


I’ve always wanted to play something like that but my short testing showed that it took too long to cast all the buffs considering how many trash fights there are in the game.

Could you please link the video guide?


This is it

I don’t buff up much during trash fights, but a good-sized scuffle by level 5 is cake with deleterious alacrity of motion, arcane veil, and Concelhaut’s staff (1st lvl spell).

Should also mention I scavenged Durance’s -15% recovery armor (DR3?) for my mage, so with deleterious alacrity she spams attacks like crazy. No sense wearing heavy armor that will slow me down if my deflection is at 75-100%.


Sweet, I was hoping it was a guide by NerdCommando. I’ll keep this in mind for my next run, thanks.


I’m 7th level with this battlemage build and it’s still kicking butt. She’s by far the #1 dps source in the party.