So, who’s our resident World of Warcraft catass champion? I’m putting my money on Asher.

As for me:

60 mage - 20 days, 18 hours
58 paladin - 11 days, 22 hours
various others - estimate 1 day

So, I’m at almost 34 days total playtime. We’ll say roughly 800 hours. Hmmm… I need a life. And hell, I barely even play the game these days.

60 priest 23 days
45 rog 6 days.

A couple of months ago, I’d have put my money on me.

So that you finish to brand me as a catass:

26 days and just those.

My bet is on Olaf, if he still posts.

60 warrior… 28 days 12 hours
45 mage… 7 days 17 hours
30 priest… 3 days 14 hours
30 warlock (deleted)… ~70 hours if memory serves
28 druid… 2 days 6 hours
Other alts (about 8 all told)… 64 hours

Total… ~47 days or 1128 hours

Playing since late January, so 1128 hours in 6 months (~180 days) = > 6 hours per day average.


60 Mage ~ 33 days
60 Paladin ~ 25 days
41 Hunter ~ 7 days
39 Warrior ~ 5 days

And just rough estimations on the various alts…10 days.

Gads. Over two straight months since last November.

60 Hunter - 16day6hour
60 Priest - 20day16hour
60 Warrior - 12day5hour
47 Mage - 6day6hour

plus assorted 20s and 30s

Avoiding WoW: Priceless.


60 warlock - 36 days

I think I’ve got about 4 days with one character, 2 days with another and about 10 hours with my newest character.

And that seems like a huge amount of time to me. 36 days?!?! Yikes!

I don’t see why we need to limit this discussion to WoW. ;)

WHM 66/SMN 33/BLM 30/DRK 18: 63 days

Of course, that’s spread over eighteen months, not six. :D

4th level Warrior - about an hour.

Installed the 14 day (but the online application said 10 day?) trial last night.

It’s pretty and the color scheme is vibrant, but the “cartoony” aspect is kind of a turn off.

I’m pretty sure I’m missing out on a lot of the strategy aspect of combat. Is there a point to letting your rage meter fill up, or is it better to use your abilities when you can?

Well, when you get the “execute” ability its damage is dependent on how much rage you have, so that could be one reason to let it fill up. Or if you are fighting little guys en route to a boss battle, maybe save up the rage for that (aided by the Anger Management talent which slows down rage decay between battles)…

In normal battles though, I’d say you should spend rage, since that should make the battle go more quickly and be less damaging to you (hence decreasing downtime to the next battle).

I am in awe


Sean, WoW is unfortunately much like Blizzard’s RTS games, such that there are “right” and “wrong” ways to play. That said, I still think it’s a great game from levels 1-59. Here are a few very basic tips on leveling up solo:

-Spend all your rage immediately. Once you get execute, don’t save your rage for it, spend rage when you get it. At your level, I wouldn’t even bother with rend or anything like that. Just keep battle shout up at all times (battle shout kicks ass) and jam the shit out of the heroic strike key.

-At level 10 you get “talent points.” As a warrior, you are pretty much FUCKED in that you need certain talents. If you stick with the character long enough to start building talents, make sure you max out “tactical mastery” and “improved overpower” in the arms talent tree. I don’t offer this as “hey this works well” type advice. I offer this as “No, you really fucking need this stuff” advice.

-Once you start upgrading to magic gear, remember that STAMINA is the key. Stamina, stamina, stamina.

I hope this is helpful.

Gordon, are you employed? Just wondering.

Gordon, are you employed? Just wondering.[/quote]


I was wondering along the same lines. We don’t have one catass we have a collection of them :)

Gordon, are you employed? Just wondering.[/quote]

Employed full time, play tennis several days a week, and even have a reasonably active offline social life.

I honestly don’t understand how it could have averaged to 6 hours a day. I kept thinking I was missing a decimal point somewhere.

I never specced for Improved Overpower. I guess I am teh suck as a warrior. :( And there’s at least one reason to save up rage for Executes: so you can brag to guildies about 3000+ damage crits. :P

I guarantee you’re 5/5 in tactical mastery, though.

Well, duh.