PlayStation 5

So I’ve reported a few people on eBay selling : “BRAND NEW PS5 CONSOLE DISC VERSION - ON HAND NOW (box only)”

I’m pretty sure I’m a hero.

The highest bid I’ve seen for the PS5 box (just the box) is around $750. The internet turned far too many people into sub-morons.

I supposed most of these bids are bait (i.e. fake), but I guess sometimes a fish must bite.

I’ve had enough people misinterpret or misread my clearly worded eBay titles and descriptions to know that there are enough stupid people out there.

Someone on YouTube brought up something I hadn’t thought of, if someone is on a mobile phone the end of the description might be cut off. Not saying that makes someone non-stupid, but it makes the stupid choice really easy to make.

I imagine they’re scamming kind-hearted but absent-minded grannies who, on their death beds, want to give their grandsons the gift of 4k gaming.

Shame on them.

Queueing again.

… and OOS in less than half an hour. Even though the queue was over an hour long the whole time and i was in it within the first 5 minutes.

How is that even possible?

My guess is scalper demand is half of all demand.

It is a hot item, but I do think there are people in queue that plan to resell, and that sucks. I wish they would have continued to offer the PS Plus subscribers via email like they did pre launch.

I’m glad that worked for somebody. I signed up for that and got no response at all for doing so.

Yeah. I think there were at least three of us here that it worked for. It should have continued that way for longer.

It’s dumb but they appear to put up the queue before they put up the actual stock. So people are queuing for stock which literally doesn’t exist yet.

A couple weeks ago I saw people queue for 90 minutes for stock which sold out in minutes.

I laughed several times. Mainly because I, too, feel like Stu.

This man’s doing The Lord’s work.

Hehehehe! Awesome! I want to see more of these.

The problem with not being able to consistently get the ps5 version and hide PS4 versions of games is ridiculously embarrassing.

I got my PS5 on Tuesday, but I still haven’t unboxed it. I’m going to give it to my kid for Christmas.

I haven’t owned a Playstation since the PS1 in the 90s. Anyone have a good primer on how family sharing works on Playstation? I’m erring on the side of going all physical like I do on the Switch, because the sharing system is rubbish for Nintendo. I already have Spider-Man on disc, but it came with the bundle.

I don’t know if it’s changed from PS4, but on PS4 what you would do is make one system the primary for the PSN account, that system could play games logged in as any user, the other system would only be able to play the game logged in as the PSN account that purchased the game digitally. This would really only work with two systems.

Same as Xbox then? Cool, that will work. Thanks! I only have 1 system for now, but will probably get another at some point so I can use it too.