PlayStation 5

I really wish they would give the option of the turning on the PS5 turns on the TV, but turning on the TV does not turn on the PS5. The Series X has this feature.

Yes, definitely. It seems like it should be a pretty obvious use case. If I turn on the TV, it might be to use any of four different input devices. But if I turn on the PS5, I will always want to turn on the TV.

I think I am able to do this, might just be a CEC issue.

Same, mine works as you’d like it to. Must be a TV level setting as I have all of the PS5’s HDMI options turned on.

Hmm, I have an LG C9, but no clue if there is a TV setting fix. I’m not very savvy with TV and console settings. I just know that my Series X works like I want.

My PS5 will turn on if it’s the last device I used and I’m still on that specific HDMI connection. It will not turn on if I was using another app or using a different HDMI.

Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy getting the next-gen treatment, Jan 28 release:

Sony also added that existing owners of either Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End , Uncharted: The Lost Legacy , or the digital two-pack PS4 bundle of both will be able to upgrade to the remastered Legacy of Thieves Collection on PS5 for $10, rather than buying the new collection again for the full $49.99.

Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will offer three different options for the PS5 port: Fidelity Mode, for 4K / 30fps gameplay; Performance Mode, which targets a 60fps frame rate; and Performance Plus Mode, which drops resolution down to 1080p but offers a 120fps frame rate.

So where do we go in the store to get these $10 packs to upgrade to PS5 version? I have never been able to find that option.

Don’t think those options go live until the games launch in January.

I meant for other games that got the upgrade treatment that are already out?

In most cases you just find the PS5 version in the store and there will be an upgrade purchase option listed. That’s how Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima worked.

Or it might be like Spider-Man, were you have to install the PS4 version and access the upgrade in the actual game.

That’s not how Spider-man worked. Getting the PS5 version was an upgrade from inside the PS5 version of Miles Morales if you only bought that. There was no PS4 to PS5 upgrade path of just the first game. Miles Morales and Spiderman Ultimate edition were both straight up PS4/PS5 cross-buy, though.

Okay… I had the PS4 version of the OG Spider-man, bought PS5 Miles, and then looked furtively for an upgrade for the PS5 upgrade for my PS4 Spidey in the store with no success. It wasn’t until you mentioned using the PS5 Miles to upgrade the PS4 Spider-man that I figured it out. Not exactly intuitive to look in the other game.

BTW, is there a PS4 version of Miles Morales? I have a Pro and since PS5s might as well be made of titanium and diamonds and Fabergé eggs, not getting my hands on one of those anytime soon.

There is

I can’t seem to find PS5 Miles Morales Spiderman in time for Christmas, at least not on Amazon. Are they low on stock?

More generally, can anyone advise me on the best new games that are exclusive to the PS5? I’m getting my family the console for Christmas, but I’m not sure which games to get with it. Er, I’m not entirely sure which games come bundled with it either – need to double-check that.

They all come with Astro’s Playroom, and that’s short but good. After that it depends if you got some retailer bundle. Miles is good. What age range are we talking? Ratchet is good and looks great (don’t believe the haters around here). Returnal is my GotY but also it’s a bit hard core in the way that Demon’s Souls is a bit hard core.

Did you have a PS4? Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut with the expansion on PS5 is great. I like Kena Bridge of Spirits a lot too but there was a PC version. Also Sackboy is a decent 4 player 3d platformer.

If you didn’t have a PS4 get PS+ which will get you access to some great PS4 games many of which run at 60FPS on PS5, like God of War or Day’s Gone.

Seems to be readily available at Best Buy and probably other retailers. May just be an Amazon thing. The Ultimate version comes with the original Spider-Man game, so if they already have that, you can save $20 with the regular edition.

And of course, you can always buy a digital copy from the PSN store.

As for games, the true exclusives that I’ve enjoyed most are Demon’s Souls and Returnal, but they’re both punishing enough that they might not be ideal for a "family recommendation. Ratchet & Clank is safer in that regard, though I haven’t played it yet.

Plenty of cross-gen or PS5-enhanced options are worth looking at as well, as long as they haven’t played the previous version. Nioh 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Sackboy are the standouts here to my mind. And yes, the PS+ collection is a good way to check out a selection of what you missed from the last gen.

Thanks for the replies. We’re talking about early-20s adults, one of whom still lives with me here at home, the other at college. So hard-core games like Returnal are fine! And thanks for the lead on Best Buy, I’ll look for Miles Morales there.