Plug: Day of Defeat Source Free Weekend - QT3 Server up for the occasion

Choke essentially means the server isn’t giving you information fast enough. 1 choke doesn’t really matter, but the more you get, it basically results in lag.

Anyway, had a lot of fun last night, look foward to loading it up again tonight. I never really got into DoD:S, however playing with you guys was a lot more fun than what I originally remembered.

I agree, I had fun. Although it made me yearn for the old days of no-wanker, pw-protected CS. Now that was fun.

I’m downloading DoD: Source right now (putting the Silver package to good use at last), so I’ll be there tonight for the 8:00 PST game. This will be my 2nd time trying DoD, so enjoy using me as a target practice.

Few points.

Just remember, defense in most maps will lose. You have to be aggressive and push for captures. Its not that you shouldn’t defend some flags (the 2 caps on anzio or the 2nd flags on flash are both good to defend), but if you just all go in defense of one flag, a push through is inevitable. The only way to hold it off is to grab more flags.

Also randomly camping with the MG etc tends not to be very effective once people know the maps a little because there are just too many points to flank people on or places to snipe the camper. If you want to camp, choose to defend a flag, hold a choke point or at least lay suppressing fire down for an advance. An MG can really keep people from sticking their heads out while your team advances.

Don’t be scared to change classes, sometimes you need to go with the rocket or sniper for a few minutes to clear an mg or sniper.

Don’t forget you’re in close fighting. The punch on the assault is great, the knives are fine for the allies, but the best of all has to be the German’s shovel. The knives and shovels actually do the same damage, just the shovel looks cooler.

For flag caps, single caps are pretty obvious, two man caps obviously need 2 men but you can also easily block a 2 man cap. Just get into the near area where you have the flag/cap showing up and you will block the cap, even if they are just a tick away. There can be no enemies in the area while you cap, so running up and sacrificing yourself to block a cap while reinforcements are coming behind you is sometimes worth it.

Friendly fire is off for now, maybe turn it on for Sunday. It really changes the game.

You can also checkout the manul by right clicking on the game name in steam, and choosing “view player manual” or by going here directly -


Yeah with FF you really gotta be careful with the grenades.

When I used to play Red Orchestra you generally had a mature group of players who wouldn’t mind the accidental TK. Hell most of the time a friendly fragged me I would forgive, only in the extreme fucktard scenario of someone diliberatlely TK’ing would I punish.

Unfortunately with the DoD:S community, it’s pretty much poplulated with every degenerate adolescent, WHERE’S MY MOTHERFUCKING MILK, 'tard who are quick to punish even if they do something stupid like run in front of your firing machinegun. FF is fun and more challenging to play but you really need to do it with a mature group of people otherwise you’ll be pulling out your hair.

Thanks for the pointers chet. I hopped on the empty server earlier to configure my settings and took a look around the map. The game feels faster than ET, a game that I thought had just the right feel. Looking forward to later.

All this time and I never had a Steam account.

The install was smooth and the interface looks nice and easy to use. Just waiting for it to update and I’ll be in to check things out.

I’m on (9:30 est), but not a single other soul is here! I’ll stick around for a bit, but if things don’t pick up I’ll probably head out shortly.

Don’t forget Tactical Gamer. I head there after checking if anyone’s on the Qt3 one, and it’s generally good. Having vigilant (i.e., actually playing) admins really helps.

I could really get into this on a non-asshat server. The maps are fantastic.

Had trouble staying connected to that server for some odd reason, not sure if I’ll try again later.

Well, things were going good until the server crashed! D’oh.

So it wasn’t just me then…

Server didn’t crash, the connection at the planet is acting wanky. The server is currently almost full, or full.

Ah ohh did the server crap out just right now?

Dang, it crashed again. Or “acted wanky”. Hope it fills up again, though.

I’ll try and reconnect.

Godamnit I can’t hit shit tonight. I’m going to go cry myself asleep.

I killed 3 people in like 5 rounds. I think my slot on the server is better left to someone else. Thanks for the heads up though, glad I got to try it for free.

Thanks for that link: I would never have bothered to RTM without it. Turns out that Z is a useful key! :) There’s also a guide at gamefaqs that seems good. between them I went from accusing all you cheating bastards of cheating to being one map finish near the top of my team!

That was fucking awesome.
Thanks for putting the server up Chet… it’d be nice to do this every now and then.