Poor Things - Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, from the director of The Lobster

Yorgos Lanthimos director.

Based on the book by Alasdair Gray

So Frankensteina?

The book definitely acknowledges that as a starting point, but whew, does it go places!

I’m always down for Lanthimos.

The dude must’ve heard of the book and go “this sounds like something I’d do”.

If you’d told me this was one of those AI-generated, Wes Anderson-influenced trailers I’d probably have believed you. But what the heck, might be interesting.

Big thumbs up from the FT

This was incredible. Just truly wonderful. And, good god, Emma Stone’s performance is something to behold.

This movie needs a big fucking warning sign - the trailer lies! It’s not so much a comedy as an art-house movie - like very, very art house.

I fell for Emma Stone, the trailer, and many reviews I partially read.

It’s a very interesting movie, for an art house movie, but I would not characterize it as a comedy.

Less any confusion for future people who are reading this thread, here it the MPAA which I never read:


And the reason I’m doing this is because I mistakenly recommended this as a good movie for my wife & her mother who is 81 and I will NEVER be forgiven. lol.

Oh. Yeah. It’s a Yorgos Lanthimos film first and foremost.

Recommended before watching the movie yourself?

Oh it was a movie we all went together to at the same time. I’ll never do that again!

Imagine if that was the MPAA rating for Wonka, with the same marketing. Glorious.

My wife and I saw this last night and loved it. So weird. I thought it was pretty funny though. But yeah - there is a shit ton of sex in it. Think my favorite movie since Everything Everywhere All at Once.

I really liked this but maybe didn’t love it. Tons of reasons to see it including the cast and style and the go-for-broke-ness of it all. Wild stuff.

P.S. Tman, I’d vote to put that jpg behind a spoiler tag as it ruins a good portion of the fun of seeing where Bella goes on her journey of discovering the joy and cruelty of life.

Saw it on a whim with my wife when we had a few unexpected free hours over the holidays and it was great. At first I was a little off put — “oh this is just edgy to be edgy” I thought to myself — but by the end I loved it. Great film.

Would not watch with my mother or mother-in-law though.

Oh, man, this movie is absolutely wild, weird, raw, and hilarious. Absolutely loved it. I didn’t see any trailers prior to watching it; all I knew is it had something to do with Frankenstein. And I’m glad I went in completely unspoiled.

Well that was great. Need to rewatch The Lobster and Killing Of A Sacred Deer to figure out where it ranks but it’s up there. Cinema was packed too, which is encouragin.

It’s definitely the most Wes Anderson-y of all his films. Still not very Wes Anderson though.

Not at all! Sometimes it reminded me of Tim Burton or Terry Gilliam.

Agreed this reminded me a lot of a Terry Gilliam movie. I loved it, but dread the idea of watching it with a mother (in law). There were a few dads with kids at the showing we went to - guess they didn’t do their homework.