Qt3 Movie Podcast: Top Ten Movies of 2023

And in case you just want to talk about our choices without listening to us talk for more than the running time of Oppenheimer, here are our picks, along with links to the relevant forum discussion threads!

Tom’s picks:

#10 There’s Something Wrong with the Children
#9. Santuary
#8. Cocaine Bear
#7. Reality
#6. They Cloned Tyrone
#5. The Holdovers
#4. R.M.N.
#3. Master Gardner
#2. Chile 1976
#1. When Evil Lurks

Most Surprising: The Killer
Most Disappointing: Priscilla
Favorite Little Thingie: Jody Foster’s doo-rag in Nyad
WWDP: The Holdovers

Kelly’s picks:

#10. The Holdovers
#9. Chile 1976
#8. Bottoms
#7. Saltburn
#6. Dream Scenario
#5. Oppenheimer
#4. When Evil Lurks
#3. Infinity Pool
#2. Beau Is Afraid
#1. Poor Things

Most Surprising: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
Most Disappointing: Last Voyage of the Demeter
Favorite Little Thingie: sex scene in Beau Is Afraid
WWDP: Fremont

You don’t have to listen to us talk for three and half hours if you just want to talk about our lists and add your own! Feel free to chime in with your own opinions, take us to task for ours, and especially to let us know your top tens and most surprising/disappointing/favorite little thingies.