Portal 2 Announced


Well I know with the Developer commentary, you can jump to the start of any chapter.

As for the single player , I forget :p


Having also finished the co op, I'm sure it is possible. Have you seen those weirdos who multibox like 8+ WoW characters? With the right setup, I'm perfectly confident a single player could breeze through Portal 2's co-op.


After you finish, if you select New Game, you have the option to start at any chapter.


Finshing the co-op solo is the ultimate test of skill.

(Lets start a rumor that this is possible just to mess with people.)


2 hours in. So good.


oh it gets better :p



"Split personality" is pretty great.


Here is some generic advice for enjoying Portal 2 that is not in any way a spoiler:

Whenever Wheatley is talking, consider just standing still for a while, until you're really sure he's done. His dialogue goes on for much longer than you'd think in almost every case, and most of it is hilarious.


This game sure has a lot of loading screens. Been a while since I've played a game like that.


Ah, it's Valve. Forgive them.


Since there's a clever line of dialogue every single time you enter an elevator, I think you're supposed to bask in its brilliance while you wait for the next level to load.

When it started to get on my nerves, I just quit and played again the next day.


The loading screens are probably because Valve packed each map with a lot of stuff. There's three times the maps compared to the original. There were often 2-3 tests in one map, whereas Portal 2 has only 1 test on each. There's just so much scripting going on in some places.

The only strange thing is how they ditched the "smooth" loading from previous games, instead having a fade to black each time.


They are still very small scenarios in comparison with other engines. And it's not like the graphical quality can explain it (nice lightning, little else).


How long is the loading taking for you guys? It's like 5 seconds on my PC, which isn't all that horrible. I assume it's worse on the 360 and PS3.


About the same.


Gotta fit into that console memory footprint!



Valve's play-time-to-loading-screen-time has always been noticably bad compared to industry averages, even back before they started supporting console releases. Even now their engine is in some ways still very much Quake 1/Quake 2 era in terms of data packing, despite the various graphical spit-shines it has gone through since then. This is what kills them with the loading, not supporting consoles. I play a lot of console games with absolutely no loading screens once play starts.


I just watched the developer commentary and I'm so glad I already completed COOP before doing so.

So, i am warning you: Do NOT listen to the developer commentary (under single player) unless you've already completed COOP, otherwise several puzzles will be spoiled for you.


Just like with the first Portal game, this one makes me feel stupid and motion-sick.

And I love it.


Yeah, agreed. It doesn't have as much to do with consoles as it does with the age/architecture of their engine.