Portal 2 Announced


Well the rule is that if it’s a girl doing something alone that’s meant for two people it’s awesome, if it’s a guy it’s called jerking off.


Argh! What the hell? I finally beat the thing, and then… it crashes. Without spoiling anything, it crashes just as the music starts to play. Replayed the final “thingy” three times now, and each time the same result. I’m assuming* this is because Valve couldn’t possibly top the Still Alive theme and instead of having to write an end sequence with an even better song the game simply crashes. I mean, who finishes these things anyway? Bah.

*I may be wrong about that. It could actually be due to the video that starts to play, which my ageing PC has been known to have problems with.


Finished it. So damn good. Valve really knows how to make a game.


Sorry, could have sworn this was a thread filled with spoilers.


I think you’d better post that in the spoiler thread…


While I do appreciate the story, that was indeed a big fat spoiler.


Wait - what - me? Or Mystery?


Me, I deleted my post and stuck it in the other thread.


Having finished the co op, there is no way this is possible.


Phew. I just thought I’d been the recipient of some unwarranted ‘Hey! Spoilers!’-ing.


So supposedly Geoff K’s Final Hours of Portal 2 article will only be available an ipad app. This sucks rocks, as I do not have an ipad.


I wish I could say the part that I’ve reached without spoiling anything but let’s just say I’ve gotten there and it’s AMAZING. Fucking love this game. Can’t wait to see more!


From the FAQ:

Q: Why would you make this for iPad? I don’t own an iPad but really want to read it. It’s not fair!

    A:  I know this will be a frequent question. I started with iPad because I love the device; in many ways it helped inspire me to write this story. It’s a good platform to publish log-form journalism with multimedia elements. [I]It also occurred to me that if I released it this way, it'd guarantee more attention and word of mouth than if I simply put the same thing out in a more widely-available way. That way the initial iPad-only release makes me more money than it would have otherwise, and it'll also be consumed more widely once I get it released in a wider format.[/I]

I found the italicized part by using telepathy.


Yes, but you see, I want to read it now.


That’s what makes it such a great approach! (I want to read it now, too. It sounds nifty.)


I finished the coop with a friend yesterday and it’s awesome as well. I think I even liked it better than the single player campaign! Working together to find the solution of some of the more difficult puzzles was extremely rewarding and I was laughing all the way through with the mistakes that always led to the inevitable death of the robots. I’m still amazed at how good this game is.


Is this legit?


Edit: http://www.gameinformer.com/b/news/archive/2011/04/22/portal-2-related-surprise-being-deployed-tonight.aspx


Its a .com website rather than a .org like the previous ARG site. I’d say something from the community rather than Valve.


That’s a fan site, not a Valve domain.


Before I buy this on Steam, after you complete it is there a way to jump back into the game at a chapter of your choice? Or to specific spots? Just curious…