Post your pet!


I’m not saying dogs are offended or upset. (They will forgive almost anything.) But I think over time they come to know you well enough to know when you’re poking fun at them, even when using a “nice” voice. Maybe a puppy is too dumb/eager to do this.


LOL, that’s great.

I’ve generalyl done the whole baby thing with my cats. But these two guys I just call “buddy” It seems to fit them.


I’m a little late to the nick name conversation but I do this constantly and to a fault.

Chut, Chutbutt, The Butt, Buttney, Bear, Bear Bear, Stinky, Stinky Monster



It looks like you meticulously groomed Buttney (heh) at the front, but petered out at the back legs and tail.


Bailey is Bailey-Boop, Boopsy, and Our Sexy Blonde
Guinness is Poopyhead, Gin-Gin, Giggles. Gibson, and Big Goofball


Judy got spayed yesterday.

She is being very dramatic about the whole thing. It is very cute, as she doesn’t want to leave our side now. Vet said we didn’t need the cone, as it would be hard for her to reach the spot, I have seen her trying. We get her back about 4 yesterday, and she hasn’t eaten yet (other than the treats, which leads me to believe she would eat, but is being pouty about her dry food) and hasn’t drank yet. Though she peed at noon today when I took her out.

She is so sad right now, though strangely going outside perks her up a bit, it feels like someone is acting for attention… :)

That being said, this is completely different than the cat spay we had done like 8 years ago, that healing process was like 2-3 days to back to normal. Judy is acting like her world ended. I am sure it will go away after a bit, but I wish she would drink, I place the bowl under her nose and she won’t eat, though some PB and her pain pill is gobbled up instantly, along with her treats.

So sad…


Poor baby. That face! “Why would you do this to me?”


My wife told her, “Trust me, you will be glad that you will never get your period”



Judy! Judy! Judy!

If I had a dog named Judy I’d do that 25 times a day at least.


Today seemed like a good day to take some photos of the dogs at play.

The calm before the storm. Bolt (left) is happy. Ursa (right) is happy.

Uh oh, there goes the ball. Ursa attempts to maintain her composure. Bolt is already on the case.

Competition is fierce. When it comes to the ball, Bolt takes no prisoners.

The reason this is out of focus is Bolt slammed into me from behind! I got a Bolt POV shot.

Ursa is definitely slower, but when she gets it she puts on her happy ball face.


Fluffy likes road trips.


Ursa is Bolt’s mother, right? So of course she’s slower. But she can just bitch-slap him if he gets too pushy!


Oh she does. She’s also been taking lessons from Smaug.


Those guys are beautiful. What breed and how much do they weigh?


They’re Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd). Bolt’s about 35 kg (77 lbs), Ursa is 29 kg (64 lbs). That’s about average for males / females, but males can get over 40 kg (88 lbs).


Really beautiful dogs krok, do they get along with Smaug?


Thanks TIm, we love them. They appear to be blissfully unaware of the presence of a 5 m crocodile in the back yard, although I suspect in reality they probably figured this out years ago, chalked it up to their weird owner, and agreed between themselves not to mention it.

You know how Facebook keeps throwing up photos you posted years ago? Well, the latest was Bolt at 6 weeks old. So here’s a comparison between 6 weeks and 3 years 6 weeks.

Anyway, sorry for the thread hijack! Please post other pets.


Have you ever considered being on a reality show? Living with Crocs? My Dogs Think I’m Nuts? I’m Living with Crocs and My Dogs Think I’m Nuts?


You might not be surprised to learn that a producer did pitch something quite similar to this several years back. It wasn’t green-lit.


I am not at all surprised.

This was a huge mistake.