Post your pet!

I have a fat cat I rescued off the street who remains fat.

My other cat is mostly fit. They both eat whenever they want and I swear the fat one doesn’t eat any more than the other. But any sort of food management wont really work. They’re both used to eating when they want to and adding food insecurity into their lives isn’t something I’m up for.

I guess I should have left her in the wild a few days, but seeing her in the parking lot I saw her in, she would’ve been dead in 48 hours. No concept of what cars are or how they move coupled with no fear of them and a desire go towards them because people are in them.

So I’ve got a Fat Cat. She tolerates us. It works.

I hear that. Rosie was a rescue as well. We figure she fought for food from other dogs and also fought for attention as she has issues related to that as well. But she -can- be a very sweet and intelligent dog … who loves her food. We keep her on a diet but she’ll slip in stolen treats and food so it’s a back and forth battle with her.

We have two cats, both of which appear to be eating the same amount. Yet one of them is considerably larger than the other, and increasingly so. I suspect he has found another household that feeds him.

At least that is not an issue you will have with dogs…

Oh you are very mistaken there. My grandparents lived on a lake, and had a circuit visiting the neighbors.

Fair enough, I should have added ‘in the Netherlands’ I guess. Not many free-roaming dogs around here.

Its the same in the US. Cats run free and basically are un-restricted. Dogs are far more regulated and licensed. I am sure in rural areas its a bit different but in urban settings, you see free roaming cats all of the time but with dogs not so much, at least not intentionally free roaming ones.

To be clear my reply was a bit tongue in cheek, and my grandparents situation was unique, in that they lived on a resort filled lake in northern Wisconsin. A lake with maybe 50 permanent residents. So the dogs wandering to visit the neighbors at Cry of the Loon was different.

That makes sense. Also I have a peeve in regards to how owned cats are are allowed to be free roaming. I have a sheltered porch carpeted in artificial turf and the neighborhood cats love it. I generally don’t mind but it does drive my dog bonkers sometimes and they occasionally like to piss on it. And you probably know just how pungent cat piss can be. I’ve had to remove the turf and power wash both it and the porch several times because of this. I have several neighbors who allow their cats to roam the neighborhood and it is as annoying as all hell.

It is also dangerous for the cats. Cuts life expectancy significantly.

@anonymgeist, how are Tater and Alistair doing?

They’re doing really well! Alistair is as awesome as always, and while Tater likes keeping a bit of distance from me when out and about in the house, she’s eager to jump up on the bed when I turn in for the night, and if I happen to wake up during the night, she won’t miss an opportunity for pets.

Right on! :)

Are we allowed to post sad things in this thread? It’s the only pet thread I saw.
Edit: Actually I found a loss thread, but that doesn’t exactly apply yet.

We’ve had many “how do I prepare for this” messages in here over the years. I’m sure nobody would object, but we’d also like pictures of your buddy/ies.

Oh no. :( There is a separate thread, but as @BennyProfane said I don’t think many would object. You wouldn’t be the first.

As you know, I lost my best buddy the October before last and our Yorkie is getting older and having more and more difficulty getting around, so you have my sympathy and empathy. As far as I’m concerned, feel free to share in this thread.