PowerWash Simulator

It’s zen in squirty form. Maybe it would like its own thread!

I do think I might actually be able to aim with a gamepad after a bit more of this :)

The Power Washer brigade at Qt3 is strong. So strong that I’m going to install it and try it this weekend.

I’m going in with very low expectations though. Because no matter what you guys say, I mean, come on. It’s a Power Wash Simulator.

Btw, Alistair, you forgot the Simulator in the game title. But maybe that was on purpose?

I’ve been playing this since it launched in early access last year. It’s longer and weirder than you think and I adore it. I’m glad they added so many levels throughout; I hope the full release doesn’t slow the pace. I’d gladly pay for more content. Each map drop guaranteed me a couple hours of zen.

Saw this on the Steam top list and was floored that it had 20k reviews. Started reading to see all the memes, and was floored that a great number were dead serious/sincere. I simply can NOT be seen playing something like this no matter how good all of you say it is!

Play it at night… With the lights out. …Behind a closed locked door. …Put yourself offline… Problem solved, you can now play and no one will see you.

I’ll be honest: I’m tempted. As someone who enjoyed the Truck Simulator games a lot more than I expected, this looks great, and I’d have bought it already if not for Hardspace: Shipbreaker, which I guess kind of scratches that “blue collar sim” itch.

Just a few weeks ago I bought a home to clean some patio furniture and stuff, and spraying away in RL, and watching dirt and grime disappear, is incredibly satisfying. So I think I see the appeal here.

It reminds me a little of Viscera Clean up Detail.

I stream this. Seems appropriate :)

Anyone interested in this game is welcome to come over to my house and test their skills in the real world. :D

But is there multiplayer?

Yep, co-op and 1-6 players depending on the mode.

There is a least water used mode and a speed mode as well.

All good stuff.

I have RSI in my right shoulder due to too much cleaning i think.

I’m going to play this offline. This weekend. On my driveway.

There’s something cathartic about powerwashing the grime away. If it paid a living wage I’d probably do it but in addition to pay, I don’t know how long the pro power washers will last in the southwest with tightening water restrictions.

There’s even a subreddit to get your powerwashing fix.

BTW, I find the lack of penises in this thread disturbing.

So which is the most efficient nozzle for almost all jobs, and why is it the yellow one? (Yellow nozzle crew for life!)

I almost exclusively use the green nozzle. It just seems to have the sweet spot between power and distance, as best I can tell.

I agree. But you gotta keep moving. Stay in one place on concrete and you can start to dig a hole.