President Trump Optimism thread


To be clear, I think Congress can/will pass:

  • Hurricane relief
  • Debt ceiling extension
  • Continuing resolution about the budget

What I don’t think Congress will be able to pass:

  • Undead healthcare repeal bill sponsored by Graham
  • Comprehensive budget under “regular order” (it’ll just be a continuing resolution)
  • Meaningful tax reform
  • Anything related to DACA
  • Debt ceiling removal (this will capture everyone’s attention for a few days, but it’s a political non-starter and won’t even get brought to committee.)


This WOULD be fun, just to see what the hell the lunatic fringe on the right would do.


Well that would require the GOP to oppose Trump. Since well over half of them are on the “Trump is amazing and can do no wrong” train… it puts them in a pickle.

Good news is, I bet Mike Pence is looking REALLY nice to a lot of them about now.


Yes, the GOP is boxed in on the debt ceiling thing, they can’t NOT pass hurricane relief, so they’re going to pass the bill with the rider for debt ceiling deferral.

On DACA, you’re probably right, but on the other hand, if you’re a Republican member of Congress, would you rather write legislation that passed DACA into law with strict regulations on the process of going from Dreamer to citizen, or do you say “fuck it” and let Trump issue an EO “saving” all the DACA kids next March, an EO that could contain damn near anything up to and including making them all instant citizens and granting each one a pony?


Harvey/Debt ceiling just passed. Unanimous on the Democratic caucus,

17 Republicans were no’s.


Back to the House now, let’s see how rambunctious they get.


Impeachment would become much more likely. Democrat Trump removed and Republican Pence ascends.

Heck, staying Republican but working with the Democrats might be enough to start impeachment proceedings too.


If all the whispered wonderings about him hating the presidency are accurate, one might even wonder if that’s intentional ;-)


But if it actually comes to a vote in the house, you would only need relatively few R’s to support it right? So the house leadership would need to kill it themselves?


The Texas and Florida Republicans would support it, and probably all the coastal Republicans. That alone is probably enough to pass it along with Democratic support. Ryan would need to keep it from coming to a vote if he doesn’t want it to pass.


People like Cruz say otherwise. They’ll vote for it if they’re personally getting hit, but otherwise everyone can die for all they care.


Irma’s about to beat the shit out of Florida and the southeast coast.

Mark is right, this will pass the House.


Oh it’ll pass, but I’m just saying because your state is coastal doesn’t mean much.

They’ll vote for it because it’s hitting them, not because the next one might or it’s the right thing to do.

I mean… they already passed it with only 3 no votes. I’m sure the Senate version isn’t going to magically make 200 of them vote against it.


My initial reaction on the deal was Trump is such an asshole, but I now I’m thinking this is a good thing. The sooner the Republican declare their independence from Trump or vice versa the better.

If I was Ryan, as soon as the hurricane, debt ceiling, and continuing resolution was passed to I schedule some hearing in Oct.
I’m pretty sure there some lovely bills by the Democrats that will fuck over Trump, by restricting his nepotism ability, perhaps a resolution by Congress calling for Trump to release his tax form. I’d then cap the week off by allowing a day or two debate on an impeachment measure by the Democrats. Just to remind President Trump exactly what his new friend really think of him.


Aw man, that would be spectacular. I bet Boehner would have probably pulled one or more of those too. Ryan: no chance.


And he would be furious with Ryan, not the Democrats, because Ryan let it happen. Where is Ryan’s loyalty to him, he would ask?

Then the Democrats would come in and offer to back off, and hey, let’s discuss getting some stuff done.


Perhaps, that would be enough to convince Trump to switch parties. I’d have wet dreams about watching the Democrats both in DC and right here in QT3 do back flips to support Donald Trump re-election in 2020 as a Democrat. I’d happily give up control of the White House for the next three years, just to watch the gymnastics.


I don’t see that happening, barring something like Trump releasing 50 years worth of secret recordings he made every single day of his life taking detailed notes about his master plan to punk the entire world by pretending to be the worst person ever to make some kind of point… and then saying he just can’t do it anymore and he’s an entirely different person.

Even then I wouldn’t accept the damage he had done to democratic norms and institutions. He would have to give one hell of a tear filled speech talking about how fragile they are and how terrified we should be that he so casually damaged them. Then he’d have to announce that the only reason he took on this crazy project was that he had a brain tumor, and it was just recently removed.

Rather, if treating Trump like a 6 year whiny brat and giving him candy and compliments is what it takes to keep him from destroying the nation and/or possibly the world, I’m perfectly happy with the press or Democrats sucking up to him. I have already advocated that the Press should not ask Trump about North Korean threats because the only move he knows how to make is to double down on whatever bullshit he just made up on the spot.


I wondered if that was what was behind Trump’s action in dealing with the Dems. With the damage in Texas and soon to be damage in Florida the last thing he needed was the GOP in congress turning it political.

Besides, doesn’t he have golf courses in Florida? :)


They’d impeach him the second he did it, as humorous as it would be, it wouldn’t last a month.


Actually, over here we don’t support Nazis no matter what letter is after their name. Maybe you’re thinking of Republicans?