President Trump tests positive for COVID-19

Holy %#*@. This is insane.

How close did he get to Joe at the debate???

Not close at all. Their podiums were at least 15-20 feet apart, and neither got closer than that. When Biden entered and exited, he did so from offstage next to his podium.

someone can finally post the wegothim.gif!

Thank God for that.

Thoughts and prayers for the useless hypocrites

Well…there’s your crazy wildcard in the 2020 campaign, for sure.

One silver lining from this terrible news: he won’t be able to do all these rallies for a couple of weeks at least, and stop him from endangering all these other people and their family/friends.

Can’t figure out if Trump caught a bad case of Democratic hoax or is just trying to avoid any more debates…

Now I’m worried about the air circulation in there… sigh

This basically kills the rest of the debates, right?

Maybe do them in Zoom. Easy to mute Trump then

Probably, yes.

I smell another Qt3 decorum debate!

(I propose we live the party’s values and not stoop to our basest instincts… leave that to the worst of Trump’s supporters.)

(But that doesn’t mean we can’t delight in the myriad plot twists going forward from here!)

This is fucking terrifying. Pence taking over changes the calculus drastically.

Well, I’ve never wished death on anybody.

But I sure as Hell wouldn’t mourn…

Keep in mind that the odds are very likely that he’ll just have a mild case. Sniffles, aches, etc.