Pressing X to Ellen in Beyond: Two Souls


Can we all please report this site to Metacritic, for intentionally giving bad scores for publicity? I already send an email to them to request for removal and pointed out to around a dozen reviews and their comments.


"Or even how somebody could love The Last of Us!"

Oh God, humanity is indeed lost.


I'm confused -- why are you upset that I argued it was obvious to see how somebody could love a game you clearly love?


damn gottem


I was exposed to Heavy Rain, so there is no chance I'll go near any other Quantic Dream "game" ever again.


The Ellen Page character model has a name. It's... hmm. I played this game and I don't even remember it. Forget it. Just call her Ellen Page character model.


To the reviewer: A wall hack app? An Iden? And you seriously dared to write in your review "Are games getting dumber or am I getting smarter?" Well buddy games are getting dumber, but it seems they need to dumb down a hell of a lot more before they're at your level. If you haven't realized AIDEN is a ghost or some such that can float through walls. (NOT some app with a wall hack function) then you clearly haven't played this game at all, or your'e literally, utterly the most stupid being in all of existence.


Wow... just.... wow.


Hah, Tom ripped this one a new one.

I am playing the remastered PS4 version I got in a sale, and I gotta say it is regularly putting me to sleep.

The navajo chapter is endless, isn’t it :(