Profound disappointment in one's children

I suppose. I don’t really see what would be humorous about if she still likes to watch Elf on the holidays, myself, nor if she’s still into watching movies without black borders, but to each his own. I never really thought anything was creepy about the bump, just … odd. An odd thing to wonder about. So many other, better threads to bump, why this one?

Just some form of closure, I think. It was a goofy thread to begin with, and few forums have the consistent population that QT3 has to even make necro’ing a personal thread like this viable.

He does the same thing every few weeks.

Yeah, I think your right. Maybe he gets bored.


TIL I learned Wumpus’ continued existence depends upon Qt3 lacking closure for every discussion over the past 17 years.

Well not without updated photos of course. /Trump

Maybe I’m interested to hear how the story progressed? If that’s a crime, then lock me up!

Well dammit, now that wumpus brought it up, I am just a bit curious myself.
Although I doubt we will ever know.
I was already having trouble sleeping tonight; this does not help.

Also, trying to explain to someone why widescreen is better than full screen can be very, very difficult. In the past, I have actually had to draw diagrams and pictures, and sometimes even those didn’t help.

And there are exceptions, such as someone that has a very small old CRT, where pan and scan can improve their experience because it’s the only way to get the picture big enough to see. Watching “Lawrence Of Arabia” in widescreen on a 13-inch CRT is something that should not be attempted. Although pan and scan of that film on any set should be outlawed in general.

Holy shit Elf is 12 years old?

I tried to explain to my mom how all the new CFL and LED bulbs use less energy but are just as bright as incandescent bulbs. E.g. when both are rated 40 watts, but one really uses less. She says incandescent bulbs have “been good enough [for her] all these years” and she doesn’t need anything new or different.

Isn’t that a really horrible movie though? Both my parents literally groan whenever it’s mentioned, so I assume it’s one of those Emperor’s New Clothes things.

You are a profound disappointment, child. ;)
First time I saw Lawrence Of Arabia, it totally bounced off me, and I didn’t get what the big deal was. It is very long and slow-moving, so maybe I was just being impatient. My girlfriend literally fell asleep half an hour into it.
Second time was maybe 20 years later, and something just clicked, and it suddenly became a favorite of mine. There’s a great story in there that completely went over my head the first time I saw it.

Wumpus may live forever then, because QT3’s greatest mystery will likely remain unsolved.

I feel like the fact I knew what that would be before I clicked it means I’ve graduated to some kind of QT3 legitimacy.

No, he already knows the answer:

No way! Its a great movie.

“No prisoners, NO PRISONERS!!!”

Ugh. I guess I’ll have to watch it someday. That’s like 30 hours of my life that you guys are taking away from me.


Lawrence of Arabia is a goddamned masterpiece. But yeah, the larger the screen you can view it on, the better.

Yeah, but nobody ever figured out the non-lethal air-to-air missile.