Punchable YouTube "celebrities"

This kid here: https://www.thedailybeast.com/ben-hampton-has-670000-followers-on-instagram-hes-only-6-years-old

I nominate my sister-in-law’s pug, it has 1200 followers.


/end thread

You want to punch a 6 year old kid?

6 year old kids really trigger rei.

You don’t?

Yeah this one deserves a punch.

Just read the OP, it’s the fucking parents that need a fucking punch. What the fuck kind of life are you ultimately educating your child in if you drive them into social media stardom from the age of 6. Particularly in this case where the kid is getting famous for just being famous with the dad leveraging his own social media knowledge. and contacts to post that ‘viral’ pic/post.

Maybe I’m just jealous of the cash cow the parents are now sitting on, but I could not bring myself to use my child like that.

I don’t believe the “he’s a normal kid except for his followers” BS. Kid’s vain as shit as a result.

So…advocating assaulting children?


It’s just thought crime… until technology allows punching through the internet… (soon!)

This kid has “dead at 18 from heroin overdose” written all over him.

I wouldn’t even pimp out my dog like that.

People using/exploiting their kids on these platforms… it’s so slimy and gross. There have been plenty of Youtube parents who abuse their kids to gain fame/hits. And it seems like it’s only going get worse.

Kids should be allowed to be kids. Without the pressures or harsh influences of fame.

Or dead from fetanol at 14.

Our future President.

I was going to say all of them and then I remembered the hydraulic press guy. There is good out there.

I want to slap each and every one of them. Narcissistic weirdos.

Except for Primitive Technology guy. That guy rocks.

Oh and AVE. That guy is great.