PvZ: Battle for Neighborville (Garden Warfare 3)

This is getting its own damn thread to eliminate confusion.


First mentioned here:

Polygon has lots of info on the early access:

$29.99 now, price goes up to $39.99 at release.

6 weeks of early access:

If you have EA access you can pick it up for $26.99 right now.

I grabbed it but haven’t had a chance to touch it yet. My son loved GW2 so I’m hoping to get his reaction to Week 1 this weekend (despite him not quite understanding a 6-week feature rollout, lol).

Well, if you did the beta/tech test and now are going to pick it up then I take that as it was at least decent. My son really enjoyed the 1st one, we never got the 2nd but might think about getting this one. $30 seems like a good price point for that type of game.

My son was a huge fan of GW2 and he seemed to really enjoy the gameplay from the beta/test, especially the new characters and new abilities/powers. A sub $30 price point made this an easy decision to take a risk on, given our family’s enjoyment of the franchise. I’m not sure how much time we will get in this weekend with sports and birthday parties stating again, but I will try and report back here.

It already looks like it has better maps, gameplay, character customization, classes, and teamwork compared to Battlefield 5.


Oh, so this is the new Garden Warfare? Sold. Buying.

Yep, I’ll get it over the weekend also.

Okay, that was god damned spectacular. I just did the ten mini tutorial quests and am now trying to get into a zombie night club by decorating a lawnmower to look cool enough to get past the bouncer.

None of that is made up.

The levels feel GREAT, the combat is wonderful so far (I’m sticking with my favorite so far, the pea shooter) and the writing is delightful. This is gonna be SO GREAT.

These are multiplayer competitive shooters, yes? Nothing to do with the charming tower defense game of old?

You can also play them solo with amazing bots.

So weird. What’s the point?
Multiplayer shooters are out there in the thousands, one more boring than the next.
I’d spend a lot of cash (probably about the asking price of this game) for a proper sequel to Plants vs Zombies…

A few good videos by this content creator. Only will post the first, he is doing them in parts and for specific new characters.

The weekly rewards and coins for founders seems well worth it, so buy in asap if you have any interest in this game.

2019 upcoming shooters:
COD MW Reboot… Meh
Battlefield V : Pacific Chapter… Meh
Battle for Neighborville…GOTY!

I should tell my brother about this game. PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 is one of his favorite games, and he can play it with his kids and in front of his kids.

But from a purely selfish point of view, maybe I won’t tell him. It might distract him from playing Gears 5 with me.

Only spent a little time with this so far, but its just as good as I remember.

This will end up being my multiplayer goty.

So I just did a multi-level quest in town center to get a hat for a lawnmower. Holy crap so fun. So far my go to, like in the last game, is still the pea shooter.

So far there’s only one multiplayer mode, and I can’t seem to select to do it only with bots, so I’m hoping that’s coming.

I think there’s a offline/ai bots option in the world options menu (that glowing globe at home base).

So far that’s only for Giddy Park, it seems.

Am I the only one thinks its weird that this is a standalone game instead of an expansion?

All that progress and customization will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. Now I buy.

Yep, but it also happened with Garden Warfare 1.

I am not playing much Neighborville until the October patch drops, the tiny mushroom is so OP right now.