QT3 Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer Tournament (iOS)

Hi folks,

Ascension is an iOS port of a fairly popular and well-received deck-building boardgame. The iOS version has the computer keep track of all the fiddly bits like shuffling and scoring, and features asynchronous gameplay via GameCenter, as well as push notifications. On the other hand, it doesn’t currently have leaderboards, in-game chat, or even an overall W-L record. Hence:

A QT3 tournament!

The tournament will be double-elimination, with the first matches to be drawn from the Sorting Hat. Registration for the tournament will close Saturday, 8/13, 12:00 A.M. PST (GMT 0800), with the hope that it all finishes up by the middle of September. Games take about 15-20 minutes to play if both participants are online, a… longer period of time at a turn a day. Two turns a day would be ideal, and each turn takes maybe a minute at most. Please do try to carve out a couple of minutes a day out of your busy schedule if you decide to participate :-)

At the end of it all one QT3’er will be crowned King of Dragon Pass. Or something.

Current participants and GameCenter ids:

abrandt a.k.a. nodrownboy
Aesculapius a.k.a. Aesculapius
Boojum a.k.a. MadOverlord
Chuck Jordan a.k.a. SpectreCollie
davida a.k.a. Iamagiantnerd
Diddums a.k.a. Diddums128
ElGuapo a.k.a. ElGuapoDC
forgeforsaken a.k.a. forgeforsaken
fumansta a.k.a. Fumanstu27
gambrinous a.k.a lobo_ie
Harkonis a.k.a. Harkonis
Justin Fletcher a.k.a. Justin Fletcher
MikeCathcart a.k.a. Cathcart
MonkeyPunky a.k.a. MonkeyPunky
Morberis a.k.a. Morberis
Orsson a.k.a. Orsson
OzymandiasAV a.k.a. OzymandiasAV
PeterGinsburg a.k.a. malphigian
Quaro a.k.a. JonathanFly
Rob O’Boston a.k.a. RobboQT3
seventimessix a.k.a. Hypnotoad42
sinnick a.k.a. SelfMadeSinnick
smallbutwirey a.k.a. smallbutwirey
Spasticon a.k.a. Spasticon
Stan Friberg a.k.a. Congestion
Tom Chick a.k.a. tomwchick
Tracy Baker a.k.a. How Kola
USMC Kato a.k.a. USMC Kato
VegasRobb a.k.a. vegasrobb
Vesper a.k.a. Vesper6

Sign up in the thread, or PM me if interested. When we get rolling, post the results of the matches in the thread and I’ll update the bracket accordingly.

Winner’s bracket and Loser’s bracket.

bonus content:Consolation Tournament.


  • Remember you’ll need to add your opponent on GameCenter if you haven’t already :-)

  • Since there aren’t any timestamps, game ids, or anything else to help determine which game is which, please allow the first player in each match to create the game request. For example, in match 1): MonkeyPunky v. tomwchick, MonkeyPunky should create the game.

  • Matches should be one game, with the finals being best two out of three. I know the draw can be a little random, but that’s Ascension, and it’d be nice to finish up before winter sets in.

  • Let’s shoot for two turns a day if possible. In the event that one player doesn’t submit a turn over a 3-4 day span, please inquire gently via PM or in this thread. After a couple more days without activity, we’ll move his/her opponent to the next round.

  • Either player can report the result of the match in this thread; but please, at least one of you do so. Point totals are optional but potentially amusing. In the event of a draw, please play again.

  • Good luck and have fun!

Congratulations to the 1st QT3 Ascension tournament champion, Boojum a.k.a. MadOverlord. That’s him on the right!

Boojum compiled an impressive 8-1 record during the tournament, with his only loss coming against Chuck Jordan, who he then beat 2-0 in the finals.

All in all, Boojum defeated his opponents by a combined margin of 107 points.

I’m in please! :) My Game Center ID is fumanstu27, to save you looking it up in the other thread.

I’ll play

I’m in. I’m Congestion on Gamecenter.

I’m in, Morberis on Gamecenter.

I want to fight in the tourney! I am Robboqt3 on gamecenter.

I’m in. Same name on GC as here.

Yay! Tom’s bullying finally paid off.

Count me in, malphigian on gamecenter. Edit: oh, I’m already there

I want in, please. How Kola on GC, and thanks for organizing, Diddums.

Totally in. (Vesper6 on Gamecenter)

I’m in! Aesculapius here and there.

Sign me up.

Question: Are we limiting tournament matches to 1v1? We could do some sort of swiss pairing using 4 player games and assigning points by which place you come in.

I’d be in favor of sticking to 1v1 matches. They feel much more strategic to me, as with more players the supply of cards can almost completely change over most rounds, and you can’t play very effectively trying to deny the opponent what they need.

I agree 1v1 is probably best, as 4-player games take a very long time to play. I did consider 1v1 group play and having your margin of victory decide seeding in the next phase of the tournament, but for this initial tournament I think double elimination is easier and faster. Group play also has the potential to be held up by one player going inactive for a bit, as the Frozen Synapse tourneys have shown. With elimination tournaments we’ll just declare a forfeit and move on, without the trickiness of point allocation among the remaining group members.

Depending on how rapidly this tournament proceeds, it would be nice to have some type of group play in the next one (post-expansion?)

I know I haven’t really jumped into the Qt3 multiplayer pool for this game, but I’d definitely be interested in playing in the tournament, if there’s still room. My Gamecenter ID is the same as my Qt3 handle: OzymandiasAV.

I would like to get in on this action! My gamecenter ID is MonkeyPunky!

I’m absolutely in! Gamecenter is nodrownboy.

I’m not so good, but I’ll throw my hat in. ElGuapoDC