Qt3 Luddite: Reasons NOT to get an iPhone

  1. Price. $499 or $599! Sheesh!

  2. AT&T and two year commitment at a minimum of $59.99 a month!

  3. Batteries are soldered in and you have to pay $79.95 and shipping to get them replaced.

  4. You have to give them your Social Security number. WTF?

There ya go. I gave back my black turtleneck.

  1. You have to give them your Social Security number. WTF?

And this is a big deal because?

The blood of the innocent… Ok, I elaborate. You think it’s ok to be tracked by tying your SS# to your phone? You like to give out your SS# to companies that have no legitimate reason to have it, unlike your employer, for example?

Cellular companies all require social security numbers to sign up. The one and only reason is to prevent people from opening accounts over and over and over, ditching one when it gets shut off just to open up another.

Yeah its totally unlike having your SS# tied to your Credit cards / bank account / car / jesus fucking everything else.

The one and only reason is to prevent people from opening accounts over and over and over.

Well that and to make sure they’ll actually pay the huge bill they get.

And that doesn’t make it right. It was never supposed to be a universal ID number.

I think their point is that the SS# thing is not limited to the iPhone. If it bothers you that much, then it would be a reason to avoid getting any cell phone. The other points are reason enough to make me not want an iPhone, anyway.

One would think the more commonly the SSN is used as a identifier, the less useful it will become to identify thieves, etc. It’s a string of publicly available numbers. It makes a bad password.

But who gives a shit? Hundreds of organizations already have your SSN, I guarantee.

As for this thread, thanks for starting it up. There hadn’t been enough iPhone threads that mentioned the price, AT&T, or the batteries yet. You did forget to complain about the lack of third-party applications, though.

Why is everyone so bent out of shape about the price and the battery? The iPod has a similar price point and no swappable battery and people are eating it with a spoon.


1.) See 2.)

2.) AT&T non-iPhone call plans start at 59.99$; data at about 30$ for consumer accounts. Yea, go somewhere other than AT&T.

3.) Yea, that sucks. OTOH, when it burns up, free new phone!

4.) You can make it a pay-to-play plan for 50$ a month by entering a bogus SS#. You can also get 300 min. unlimited data for 60$ as a GoPhone, but i don’t think the minutes roll over.

A 8Gb $600 Ipod? Shut 'yo mouth.

Sorry, Steve, I just had to do it.

So Mr. Real Estate Mogul, with your fleet of leased cars has never had a cell phone before? Huh.

Welcome to the 90s…

Oh and i know, I am sure your girl at the office signed up for whatever phone you have, blah blah blah.

Jealousy makes me uncomfortable.

Because you’re SO making more than Chet!

Does your company also have podiums?

We have collection plates, man!

Well at least he admits he’s a Luddite.

The only reason for me(besides the O_O price) is : it’s a PDA, not a phone. I don’t have any need for a PDA and have no need yet to enlarge my e-peen.

Being able to natively read PDF email is a huge, huge, thing for me. But honestly - do i want all my clients to know i can read their damn request emails anywhere at anytime? :). I’ve heard once you get on the smartphone leash you’ll never really leave work behind again…