Qt3 Movie Podcast: a brief update

Title Qt3 Movie Podcast: a brief update
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Movie podcasts
When December 26, 2019

We're not going away, but we are going to be on hiatus for a bit..

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Ohhhh. I hope everything turns out well. Qt3 has a special place in my heart and all the contributors are super important. Here’s my request, nay!, a demand for a speedy recovery!


Thanks for the update, Tom. Best wishes to Christien and all of you, of course!

Thanks, Tom. I can’t even imagine what your past week has been like, but I’m looking forward to a healthy Christien, and all this being in the past tense.

Thanks for the update, Tom. I’m not praying man, but I’ll ask my wife to throw Christien into the mix when she’s doing her "oh Father"s tonight.

Sad to hear :( my best wishes to Christien.

No way am I going to abandon you all for a bunch of temporarily healthy millennials.

get well soon, Christien!!

So sad to read this news. I’ll be thinking about you, Christien, and praying for your speedy recovery.

Best of luck in the recovery, Christien! May you heal quickly so you too can experience the thing that is RoS!

5 years ago my hart was aching. Today it is again. Christian, you mean so much to me. We don’t really know each other but so feel like we’ve been friends for almost a decade. I wish I could do something to help.

Much love to Christien, and to all of you.

Sad news, I hope Christien’s recovery is speedy and complete.

Wishing Dingus the very best and for good news soon.

Tom, Christien, and Kelly,

I love your podcast very much and hope you all are able to chat again on the reg sooner rather than later. Maybe Kelly can send that maid who was always walking in on him to help out while Christien is on the mend.

There is a strange one sided relationship that comes from listening to countless hours of friends talking to each other.

Hoping for the best,
Missing you while you’re away
Eagerly awaiting the return


Get well, Christien!

All thumbs up for Christien’s health!

Christien, you’ll be in our thoughts. Get well soon.

Get well soon, Christien. You’re in our thoughts.