Qt3 Movie Podcast: Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller returns to the Mad Max series and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In fact, we’re so thrilled that we don’t get around to this week’s 3×3 on tutorials until the 1:27 mark.

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Awesome music choice, Tom.

Can't stop thinking about this movie; can't wait to listen to this podcast.

Tom, for next week's 3x3 are monarchs ruling a land not on Earth in play?

I loved when Rictus Erectus shouts at everyone around him, "I had a brother! And he was perfect, perfect in every way!"

Here are my choices for favourite (Canadian spelling, as the Queen has decreed) tutorials.

3. In Borat, at a dinner party Borat.poops and puts it in a bag which he hands to one of the guests who then gives him a tutorial on how to use the bathroom.

2. In Dark City, Kiefer Sutherland uses manufactured memories to give Rufus Sewell a tutorial on how to use the tuning and what the strangers are.

1. On a rooftop in The Professional, Leon gives Matilde a hands-on tutorial for long range assassination.The result of the tutorial is pretty funny.

In light of the great end result, one of the most plausible reasons I've seen for the reshoots is that the studio wanted Miller to beef up the action sequences.

My plan's to never stop thinking about it.


The preceding scene with the doctor was surprisingly bloodless and tastefully done, which I think can be applied to the rest of the movie too.

Tom, you suggested that Max has finally decided to cast his lot with the fleeing women when they leave him with a motorcycle. I thought it happened earlier, when Max walked into the mist to confront the Bullet Farmer's pursuing tracked car, then returned with all of their guns. I posit that him washing the blood from himself using breast milk signals his rebirth.

Also, love your three C's of car chase excellence, and offer the scene where the main character in A Most Violent Year chases his stolen gas truck as fulfilling all three C's, and being one of the best chases I've ever seen. Glad to have your three C's as a guide!

Pernod avec d'eau

Pernod! Thank you. That was the other licorice flavored drink I was trying to think of.

Fury Road took place over 3 days, start to finish. Felt like one! I was raising my eyebrows over this appreciation of a single day's events during the podcast. then I listened to the director, Miller on a recent Happy Sad Confused interview podcast and a few times he referenced the events taking place over 3 days.

He also mentioned he has two other films in his war chest that may or may not ever get made. One focusing on Max and the other on Furiosa. Unlike Fury road, he says one of them takes place over a few months of time, and the other for at least a year and a half.

We're talking Fury Road days, which are measured in flamethrower-guitar amps.

Actually, Kelly, I was travelling last week, so I didn't have time to listen to last week's podcast, much less do the 3x3 on Tutorials. Sorry if that upset you.

I would have probably picked the Total Recall one. Oh, and the Kung fu lessons in Forbidden Kingdom, especially since they are so leavened with humor.

Did anyone else think Tom Hardy sounded like Bane in this movie?

Nooooooo, brother.

Three days? How does he figure? Seems to me Furiosa drives the War Rig out one day, the night is spent in the bog, and then they return to the Citadel the next day. I got the sense it was all in the span of about 24 hours (one day).

Although now that I think of it, maybe there was a second night spent with the survivors of The Green Place before they set out across the salt plain. I suppose that would make it three days.

I was thinking of Sambuca. A twitter follower reminded me that's the one where you put coffee beans in the glass.