Qt3 Movie Podcast: Piranha 3D


Seriously? I just listened to this and couldn’t believe my ears. Piranha 3D gets more praise from you guys as a group than Toy Story 3 or Inception did in their podcasts?

You guys are trolling us aren’t you?


Piranha 3D had a much lower bar to clear. :)

Seriously, though, I think you’re a little bit high. We all liked Toy Story 3 and Dingus was officially jaw-dropped by Inception, Kellywand’s jaw was partly ajar at Inception, and I hated Inception. So as a group, those two movies were overall well-received on the podcast.

As for Piranha 3D, I’d say we glossed over the to-be-expected crappy bits so we could talk about the stuff we thought was cool. Me and Kellywand love horror films. We get pretty excited when they don’t outright suck. Plus, I had to drone on for a while about the History of the Piranha Films as well as some hoo-ha about feminism and pr0n, or some such thing.



All movies featuring both Dick Dreyfuss and Kelly Brook are automatic 9’s regardless of script wretchedness. It says so right here in this post.


Are there others?


I judge movies first and foremost on what they are and are trying to be, and who they come from.

Something like Inception(or Avatar) I have higher expectations. For that matter, something like a ‘serious’ remake(ala Hills Have Eyes) I have certain expectations.

Piranha 3d is more in the Slither style of horror movie…if Slither had Kelly Brook naked in 3d and tons more gore. I don’t see how anyone can go into a movie called Piranha 3d and expect serious horror or characters you care about. The only thing you should care about is you get a healthy serving of piranhas doing piranha type activities and KELLY BROOK NAKED IN 3D!


Not yet but I have “high” hopes for the pir-equel.


Support her so she keeps it up, as it were.


I know I shouldn’t let this kind of comment bother me but it drives me batty. Just for once I’d love for one of you to expound upon this and actually think it through. Just for once.

Seriously. Break it down. Explain to me how this is a problem for you and what you see as the remedy instead of doing a drive by. Just for once! ACK!


“You’d better believe it. I don’t pole dance for nothing.”


Yes, yes.

But I guess this is the main point I take issue with. I respect films so much more when they try to do more than simple schlock - even when they fall short (which by the way, I personally don’t think Toy Story 3 or Inception did). But to hear you wax semi-poetic about the symbolism of Piranha 3D when you criticized or discounted the theme and symbolism in those other films makes me bang my head against the wall.

We should celebrate the films that try to “do more.” Not knock them down simply because they attempt to reach a higher bar.

I love me some good horror films as well, and I haven’t even seen Piranha (so who am I to criticize your take on it), but it makes my head spin when the tenor of this podcast is so positive and the others seemed much more negative.

Expectations always influence perception. I get that. But personally, I think the jaded view people have of movies these days is unfortunate.

I enjoy listening to the podcast and will continue to do so, but I felt I had to throw in my couple of pennies. And I am totally NOT high when I say this. Drunk? Yes, that is likely. But not high.


Keep up the “good” work.


Having not seen Piranha, I get the sense from the podcast that the symbolism is more subtle/happy bonus in a creature feature, whereas Inception was (at least to me) “Look! I’m Christopher Nolan! I’m fucking smart! Unpack my movie!” That’s fine if it works; it didn’t work for me and doesn’t appear to have worked for Tom/Kelly. When that sort of thing doesn’t work, it’s brutal.


Dunno what you mean by drive by. Other than the fact that I made an observation and actually left the forum for a bit (how dare I, right?).

The post above where I did actually expound on my thoughts was made before I read this post of yours. So it’s not like I was trying to avoid talking about it…

But like I said, a movie shouldn’t be penalized because it tries to you know actually be GOOD.

You guys talk about Piranha in the “so bad it’s good” way that I’ve never really understood. These kind of movies often get a free pass on their many faults and I’m never sure why that is. I’m totally paraphrasing, but you basically said that the movie almost made you throw up, but then you realized that it was sort of trying to do that so you ended up really liking it. I just don’t get that.

And just from your description of the director’s take on using the 3d… It sounds like you’re giving him too much credit for his subversive use of old-school 3d tropes. It’s like you’re saying, “This is all so cliche and bad - but he’s doing it tongue in cheek, so it’s clever!” Different strokes for different folks and all, but sometimes bad movies are just bad.


Also note that it’s 1:30 am and I’ve had my fair share of beers tonight, so I’m sure I’m not expressing myself as well as I’d like.

But the main point I am trying to make is just that I am surprised at how positive this podcast was toward the film when compared to others. And I think that the “low bar” reasoning for that isn’t the way I personally view films. I appreciate movies that go out and try something difficult. I want more of that. I certainly don’t like to penalize a movie for its level of difficulty.

And with that drive by… I’m out for the night.


Unless that level’s too low for you?


Bottoms up, dude.


Thanks KWhit. Those posts were along the lines of what I was looking for when I groused above. Trying to get a handle on what’s actually behind the comment “I can’t believe you liked FILM A when you didn’t like FILM B!” More to the point, trying to get folks to consider what they mean when they say that. I didn’t mean ‘drive by’ as an insult…well, okay. I kind of did. That’s just the way that comment often comes across. So I appreciate you breaking it down.

But like I said, a movie shouldn’t be penalized because it tries to you know actually be GOOD.

Agreed. But neither should it be given a pass when it disappoints.



I don’t think any of us meant that. When you say “so bad, it’s good”, I think of my extreme guilty pleasures like Chupacabra Terror – Would more of you people see this movie already so I don’t feel like I’m the only one in the room who knows the score when I bring it up? – or Hawk the Slayer or Tentacles or Step Up 2 or Torque.

Pirahna 3D is a whole other kettle of fish (ha!). Sure, it has a throwaway B-plot about a family in peril that is almost literally thrown away by the time the credit roll, but it’s also a really clever creature feature with – in my opinion – a subtly subversive take on contemporary pornography. I don’t really consider that “so bad, it’s good” territory. I consider that Alexander Aja being smarter than his material. Like the point Dingus made about teasing us with a trombone that never even gets used.

As for being ready to throw up, that was Dingus saying that. He’s got pretty delicate sensibilities. He spends a lot of time at Shoot Club having to lie down on the couch and close his eyes while the rest of us play videogames.

So, did we at least make you want to see Piranha 3D? Or are you too busy LARPing like a mofo these days?



You make it sound like I’m constantly getting the vapors. Great. Just what I want these guys to think.

Next time we go to a scary movie together I’m recording the sounds you make and posting them here.


“Mister, you talk funny.”


I see what you did there.


Sure. And you guys are actually doing what you’re supposed to be doing - expressing how these movies worked (or didn’t work) for you. And I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing as a random dood on a message board - sitting back drinking beer and shouting at the computer that you’re out of your minds!



I see where you’re coming from.

Yes, you made me want to see the movie (mainly to attempt to prove my own hypothesis that it sucks, but still I’d like to see it). And who knows? Maybe it would affect me like it did Dingus and turn me from nauseated to a fan.